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  1. biing

    motivational balancers. $10 still available... Contact me at 85522925

  2. Ah pek! whats yr moblie no har? Drop me a sms at 97988368 okie

  3. Actually i think it's never safe to wear slipper to go thur woodlands customs You never know when will get run over by a bicycle tyre if kanna kaya
  4. 1120 after is the best time 11 still will have alittle bit of Kaya usually You all exhaust and plate number so high scared of what? HAha:angel:
  5. The green colour thing that looks like mucus made from coconut that you spread on your loti every morning
  6. Usually kanna kaya @ this time Just ride only ... you get used to it
  7. i think everyone is confuse where to meet now liao! HAhaha!!!!
  8. You got expensive GPS Lost your own problem! Haha!
  9. bro, i meet you over there 1st ... what time??? whats your hp no?
  10. Good Evening! Is that you in your signature? How tall are you ah?
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