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  1. XJR4,Batt just change,plug only 2 months old,Alternator just change nearly 8 months ago,Bike cannot start using starter but can push start..Now petcock haywire,The ON position become OFF,RES and PRI became ON..WTH!
  2. Oh ya before i forgot wheel bearings change at every 25000km for smoother rides
  3. What ive repaired/serviced after nearly 2 years of using this bike is Clutch Chain,New gaskets,Service oil cool system,Valveclearance,Change rectifier,Check alternator Change clutch and throttle cable,Service both braking systems,Carb cleaning and tuning.. It may not as smooth as S4 or GSR but at least it run finer than before..When i take over this bike last time going beyond 150 is a bane...Recently going 165kmh without any problems..Though need some fine tune at the carbs
  4. Im not a pro but as what many mech told me our XJR is an air/oil cool engine and using thin velosity engine oil doesnt help much either for e engine in the long run..XJR is famous for their noisy engine so using 5W-30,10W30 or 10W-40 didnt help much either in our tropical climate..Our engine tend to lose juice during long rides or high speed..Normally this kind of grade suits water cooled engine more than ours..After using 10W-50/15W-50 grade engine oil i notice the engine sound tend to be slightly softer and engine heat aint that bad either..I still can maintain around 120-130kmh after riding
  5. Anyone with standard muffler to let go cheap pls inform me,mine got visible scratch marks cant do anything
  6. here is the price comparison in my shop FY Super4 spec1 ext 10 yrs coe with yoshi $8800 cond 8/10 FX XJR400 ext 10 yrs coe $4450 cond 6/10 FBA GSR400 $7100 with yoshi cond 6.5/10 FBB Gladius 400 $7300 cond 7/10
  7. Will collect my xjr latest by Friday cause need to touch up minor scratches on the front mudguard and muffler.Need to do repair on the speedo mileage cause the mileage cover peel off and some servicing.How much does the throttle cable cost by the way?Auto machinery now at Ubi?
  8. Hi bros,Thinking of getting a FX XJR400..Shop quote me $4400 COE ends in 2024.Odometer trip damaged inside the speedo.Engine idling sound rough but gone after revving.Exhaust muffler a bit scratch probably last owner skidded.Any advice?Couldnt buy bigger cc as ive 4 kids to feed and a family car to paid.Anything below 200cc is quite a pain especially on highways How many liters of engine oil need to use?The shop fit with Shinko verge 110/70-17 & 150/70-17 tyres by the way
  9. Haha, bro.. You're asking without any intention to buy ah?

  10. Gpr how much?Just asking

  11. Go for the local YBR types.Price ranges between $90-110 rims only.
  12. Beware of so called original 3bs pipe even you buy from Ban Hoe Leong or Auto machinery.Now material is not as good as previous batch.Some are ori local too exactly like the ori itself only cntre stomach less stopper.Got a slight chamber sound when idling.One of my fren kena con $110 at one particular famous Yamaha parts agent..Exterior look exactly the same as ori ones but when he go to JB to meet his RXZ friends they all claimed its ori local
  13. Like crap,The rims diameter and size is almost the same with standard RXZ rim size why cannot use the same type RXZ sprockets?I'm sure theres plenty of sprockets for size 35-42 for ori ENKEI RD125LC rims.My fwen who just fit RD350YPVS Rims also got no problem finding the right sprockets for his RXZ.Only thing the holes lah
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