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  1. Date: Since Feb 2008 Shop Name: Planet Motors Address:3007 Ubi Rd 1 #01-430 Singapore 408701 Tel : 67474740 Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm Not So Busy period: 9am to 10am every mon to wed. Peak Period: Mostly Thurs, Fri and Sat. All types of bikes -(2001-2008 R1) -(Bandit400) -(RVF) -(GSXR400,600,750,1000 K5-K8) -(S4 Ver S,Spec I,II,III) -(CBR900RRV,929) -(SP) -(CBR400,600,1000) -Kup Kias ===================================================== Reply being posted frm one of the members,shiraz What service/product did you purchase? : front brake pump or
  2. Hi Bro I own GSX-R SRAD 750cc(1996) but my CDI got BIG PROBLEM I can't start my bike I need a replace a new one but the cost is to high$$$ I'm looking for 2nd hand CDI if you have anyone having 2nd hand CDI please contect me I need to use my bike for work.

    Thank you

    Mohamed Latiff

    9650 6795

  3. 299

    2nd R1 Big Bang Meetup

    Back To The 2004.
  4. Nice meeting wif you.

  5. Selling for both.

  6. 299

    what u doing?

  7. wouldn't the decal get wet, more easily to peel off and will not be sticky?
  8. If u don't want, i can sure help u to take care by hanging on my Rossi bike when she is back from the operation.
  9. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103005&highlight=class+lessons
  10. i thought kup kias are all like tat. When u rev, then it will light up. If not, it will flicker like nobody business.
  11. interesting to know also, but i don't think they do only tat particular spot.
  12. Revolutionize, Racing, Rendezvous....
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