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  1. RD350LC for sale: worth a look if you are interested in classic bike. COE just renewed this year 10 years so can keep long long, no problem. Need to let her go due to some future plans, cannot keep two bikes anymore. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/363487-FS-Yamaha-RD350LC-Tong-%E2%80%93-classic-collector%E2%80%99s-bike
  2. wah lieu... 162 still call short ah dn-01 is very short. very very very short. can flatfoot. fazer6 is rideable cbr1k is rideable vfr1200 is rideable kwak gpz750 is rideable (a bit heavy) so far that's all i tried. for short riders mounting class 2 bikes, there's a different mounting style. u can't mount it the way u mount a cl 2b, 2a bike.
  3. sounds like how i started. anyway, 736cc is right, better nt start on this kinda hobby at all unless u like to bleed more money than u anticipated or maybe u find ur life is nt "exciting" enough. sometimes "funny" things will happen, "funny" things that involve losing money for no reason. u really need to have a good sense of humour. if u want do those modern classic like W400 and cb400ss. lots of potential and less trouble.
  4. gorgeous bike, gd luck finding one its a pretty old bike btw
  5. How about Steven Lim's fastest bike? Like lion roars? His nick is sincerityguy btw... can pm him http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/304435-Class-2-750cc-Night-Hawk-CB-750T-Excellent-Conditon-CHEAP-COE-2013-Free-Rd-tax!?highlight=sincerityguy
  6. i think the rental bike is only for riding within singapore... harley davidson rents harleys. nt sure whether u can take it up north tho
  7. one of my bike got no seat storage the other one the seat lock is stuck
  8. helmet ah first i will decide what type, full face / scrambler-type. I dont even consider half face unless buying for other people then i will decide on brand. normally arai/shoei is good for me (daily use). for friend/spare helmet maybe hjc. then model. impt factors: price, snell approved, fiberglass shell, double d-rings, build quality. less impt but still worth considering: colour (white), comfort, looks, weight after all if im paying so much for it i think i better get something im 100% happy with, right. for lesson just get some cheap sai helmet with psb sticker, you can use
  9. no lei got some xr2 are kick start, 4 stroke recycled tires i hope u dont mean reused tires only 2 strips of rubber keeping us right side up, better dont mess with that one if it is recycled rubber tires, that is something new to me regarding emissions, some older bikes produce more emissions than current bikes due to old technology, lax laws etc... so need to check that too owning 2 bikes is considered wastage alr... after all we only have 1 backside (btw, i have 2 bikes and i am riding one of the most non-enviromentally friendly bikes around, but what to do nobody is a sain
  10. omg this is a bad situation u have not just made 1 mistake, u have made many many... i think u better go and see a lawyer la... maybe can try those free legal help
  11. aiyo y did u do that. even if u just pass through gantry w/o card la total like around $10+ can pay though axs save u all tt trouble now u ride against traffic, ride on pavement, etc i dunno how to save u. i think riding against traffic carries demerit points as well. on a related note, someone told me this b4: once his fren's father was driving along the expressway. there was a lady rider on the lane beside them. traffic was busy. they were approaching the erp, suddenly the lady rider saw the erp and tried to cut across 3 lanes to the road shoulder. the father jammed brake and avoi
  12. hm if u really want to save the earth ride a bicycle. or work near your home and walk there. end of the day, mbikes are still releasing pollutants, its just the amount is lesser compared to car but if diedie want to ride bike buy a small economical bike like a wave, and ride it to the end of life. 10 yrs coe later, renew. ride until its not economical to repair anymore patch your torn clothes and wear them even if they are out of season use everything until end of life dont eat too much. think carefully about whether everything that you buy is necessary or nt. and once u buy it use
  13. wow... rock climbing... hardcore sia... i only dare to sport climb on the artificial wall heh heh
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