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  1. i suggest you get more riding experience before going to take cl 2a. cause if we are short, our bike handling and stopping has to be more precise, whereas taller people can afford to be more sloppy and their leg can catch them even if they stop badly. so your braking and stopping need to be very smooth and you need to be able to stop with 1 foot down only at all times. Like the way the instructors do in the circuit. some ways not to fall down are to be very careful where you stop. look with your eyes first before you go in, instead of you go in already then you find you have nowhere to put your legs. If the lot looks not ok in any way, don't try to park in it! Find another lot. With experience you will know which lot you can park and which you can't. If there's a curb and you know you can't back the bike out later, then either don't park there or park head out so that you can use the engine power to help you. Also if you cannot reverse in, just get down and push the bike backwards. if people laugh at you, screw them. they will laugh more if we fall down and at least they don't need to help us carry the bike after we drop it. because when we tiptoe reverse the bike we are very vulnerable to oil spots etc on the ground. Just need to accidentally step on one patch of oil and GG. for shorter people our bike handling is a bit different from taller folks. sometimes people will say it looks unstable or we look like we are handling the bike wrongly. but if you know that it works for you can just ignore them. For short people there is no one-size-fits-all rule. Both people can be same height but maybe one got longer or stronger legs. So you need to feel what can work for you. Starting out 2B on a tall 2B bike can allow you to learn some coping techniques on a lighter weight bike before you transition. Also some bikes look low but they are very wide, or they carry their weight high up which makes handling the weight much more difficult. i can't lift my bike. but the few times that i needed to, someone was around to help. and most of the time i was injured already so i wouldn't have been able to lift it anyway. if you don't drop the bike you won't need to lift it. I'm going to be the devil's advocate here and say for daily riding, getting bike that can fits you is more important. I have a good idea of what height of bikes I can handle at my height, but I do not think I want to be tackling them on a daily basis. When I changed to a bike that is relatively low (S4), I really enjoy myself on it and feel it is easy to handle even on days when I feel tired or injured my leg or something. Also super4 has quite a low seat height. I think S4 is a good ladies bike because of the low seat height, well-balanced weight and the decent and power. My sister who is 1.5+ likes my Super4 and says she feels comfortable on it. So you might be pleasantly surprised. Anyway CDC seems to be using 250cc bike so you can try that one on for size, maybe it is smaller. --- Hahahah I'm also looking for people to go for overseas road trip... been riding for quite awhile but not very experienced in going across the border... @lollipop245: I also stay and work around your area, I think I seen you on the road before... haha
  2. COE Expiry Date: 31-08-2022 Road Tax Expiry Date: 02-09-2016 Accessories: Givi box with rack, can fit 2 full face helmets. Some assorted spare parts e.g. clutch and throttle cable Outlook: Not for fussy. Condition: Can start can ride away. Reason for selling: My family member who is subriding it has quit riding. So no one is riding this bike as I already upgraded bike. One of the lowest seat and most economical full-size scramblers. Good workhorse and capable of doing light offroad riding. Bike is sold as it is. No refunds, warranty, returns allowed. Pls find your own finance. Price: $4800 nego Pls feel free to contact me at 91508911. Don't pm me, don't reply here cause I seldom log in.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for CB400 Revo stock exhaust header (no modification, can pass inspection). Please contact me at 91508911 if you are letting go. If you know where I can find one pls feel free to reply to this post too... thanks!
  4. revo fuel consumption is abit compared to the older models. because the idling speed for the FI when warming is a bit high. sometimes i wonder with the s4's fuel consumption and price, i should have got a fazer 6 instead. but the fazer is too tall... oh well...
  5. i got a revo recently and the fuel consumption is really bad. average is 15km/l (ride like hellrider) to 18-20km/l (ride like old uncle and never open vtec). is this normal for revo? also, i tend to travel only a short distance (10-15 mins ride) to my workplace everyday. am wondering whether its the start-stop traffic and the daily starting/idling that is contributing to the poor fuel economy. tia
  6. ok. if that's the case. 1) buy new bike 2) buy a young (1-2 yr old) 2nd hand japanese bike from one of the proven reliable models. If the bike is clean and looks well-kept (ok, even if you have no experience, you can tell whether the owner got regularly wash, got many rusty parts, crash damage etc or not). If the bike looks like it has been gently used and someone has actually been actively taking care of it, then chance is higher that it won't be a lemon. look for stock paintwork, make sure all legal parts are there (the last thing you want to worry about is failing your inspection when you're a bike newbie). Also for the japanese brands, a 1-2 year old bike is not likely to give you many problems. But also, expect to pay a lot for such a bike. 3) Make friends with biker and ask them to help you view bike. Sorry, I can't help in this area, I'm not good at judging bike condition myself. 4) Buy the first bike within your budget that you like the look of, and take the subsequent repairs as training fee. Which is not really a bad thing in itself, cause you get to learn a lot from a problematic bike, provided you don't get discouraged, and you know when to call it quits. 2b bike the repairs are still relatively affordable.
  7. honest shop. i travel across the island to a shop that i trust. i know the mech wont anyhow quote me, and will give me advice that is good for me and bike. i can even put the bike there and go off have lunch knowing that the job will be done properly and the problem will be fixed, and the trip won't be a waste of my time. I don't even need to bargain or check pricing cause he consistently gives me a reasonable price. 1) honest mech 2) reasonable and consistent pricing 3) no need to queue (but i come at hours where others are working so it's not really an issue) Comfort wise, just give me a plastic chair to sit and a toilet nearby and it's fine. Would rather not have sofa, tv, drinks etc. and in the end all these costs make their way into my bill...
  8. i wouldnt doubt it. got some 2T from Ah Boy (usual brand, but forgot which one cuz i havent been riding a stroker in a while). The colour was different from my usual bottle. Last time bought a new RJays helmet from them cause I needed it urgently. When I bought it home, found that it had been suspiciously "reconditioned". No more LAB helmets for me.
  9. I'm not going to say whether TS should ride or not. It's up to her. But here are some of the facts: Regarding crash alr not pretty: If you commit to wearing full face all the time, your face will be fine. But if you wear full face, you can't wear makeup! Your face will be covered with black road dust everyday. Dunno how good this is for the skin, I suspect not very good. Even if you wear jeans, your legs will probably have scars. I dont know how to avoid this, wear armor pants perhaps (but I dont know anyone who does this daily). Hand will have scar if you don't wear gloves. The scar can be quite big and permanent. Elbow probably have scar also even if you wear long sleeve blouse. If you like your feet, you will probably want to wear riding boots or shoes that wont fly off in a crash at least. As the lower half of the body is usually most seriously injured from my experience. That means no more pretty ballerina flats, slippers and heels. And hard to dress up when you need to go for formal outing. Probably have to leave the bike at home. Even if you usually wear all safety gear, you can crash anytime, even if you are just going around the corner to buy a can of beans and you decide just a helmet will do since its less than 1km. Not saying that you have to gear up everytime (again, I dont know anyone who does) but just that if suey suey this happens, you will be stuck with the scars. If you can accept that, then ok. If you like big handbag, probably may have nowhere to store your handbag so you have to think of your box size when you shop for handbag. This one really depends on your dress sense and way of dressing lah. You will also have to tahan ppl staring at you all the time when you on bike. Sometimes it is ok but other times it is quite annoying and irritating. All bikers get into accidents. Recently I was waiting at a traffic light, the car behind brakes failed and banged into my behind. Luckily it was akin to a stationary drop only and the car admitted he's in the wrong. So sometimes it's really really not your fault no matter how careful or evasive you are. Whether you get out of the accident fine or not depends on your luck and karma la. So far I am still good after 6 years, average 4 accidents alr (not counting offroad and stationary drop). Haven't broken any bones. But we can't be complacent as riding is dangerous. I know a few ppl who passed away alr. One of my friends stomach got run over by a lorry when he fell off the bike. And pls at least buy a good medical insurance so you wont be stuck with so much hospital bills.
  10. (post originally contained link to advert for RD350LC) LC Tong sold. Thanks.
  11. RD350LC for sale: worth a look if you are interested in classic bike. COE just renewed this year 10 years so can keep long long, no problem. Need to let her go due to some future plans, cannot keep two bikes anymore. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/363487-FS-Yamaha-RD350LC-Tong-%E2%80%93-classic-collector%E2%80%99s-bike
  12. my conclusion is that its an airoh modular helmet. not sure which model.
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