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  1. Saw yr cb350f. u interested in selling ??

  2. Thanks for your interest, which bike?

  3. Hi bro saw yr bike. Interested in selling it at a right price?? Thanks ritz here 84481444. Msg me if interested

  4. Hi All, Thanks for the update n suggestion. Use to own a Honda C110 . Daily rider but got to let go due. Was in a process of doing up a Suzuki GS550. Got to let go of the project due to family commitment. Now since I am very stable n have a decent amount of cash to invest. Deciding to get one bike that is not be vintage but a classic would be enough. Hopefully will find e perfect bike soon. Thanks again guys
  5. Hi, thanks for the info. Is a bit interested to get the bike. But was unable to get any details from the bike shop owner. Do forward me any details of the bike owner if u have it available. Thanks again . Also looking out for british bikes for sale.
  6. Hi All, I am new here. Just asking do you guys know about the AN Plate Kawasaki Z1 at West Coast?? Was told to be own by a Japanese chap. Any info about the bike?? Thanks
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