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  1. Anyone still riding a ninja? I’ve got this to give away.
  2. I go mia for abit and everyone laughs at me.. =0( Next time donwan go for trip liao..
  3. Guys, i have juz booked a small room.. It costs SGD60 in total cos we gotta book for 2 days.. =0( Anyhow, the rest of us could bunk in the hall or something but when I go get the keys, we gotta hide cos an additional adult cost another SGD50.. =0( Ok guys is FRIMED!!! Meet 1pm at G.P Petronas Please not too be late hor..... 1) Firestorm 2) A.J 3) ansmania 4) 5) 6) 7)
  4. How many rooms u wanna book? 2 rooms? Sms me when u guys confirm.. =0)
  5. My bad.. it supposed to be SGD15 per person for two days with a twin pax.. So if u got a pillion and don't mind sharing the bed (with yer partner) and another rider and possibly his partner.. It should be good.. =0)
  6. Guys it's SGD30 per room for two per night with a compulsory 2 night booking.. So it's SGD60 bucks per person for the room if it's twin sharing.. Is it too ex?
  7. Eh... gimme a heads up abt the faser hill thingy, I can book the chalet if it's available..
  8. Hey guys, Tmw ride up to GP, let's make it at 1130 cos the usual, I've got church.. =0)
  9. Nukye, I knew whatshisname was trying to knock me off.. Sigh.. Congrats on yer good buy! =0)
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