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  1. Anyone knows where to get Ohlins DU440 for the old hoop swingarm Monsters?
  2. For that cluster with tachometer, do you have to change the wiring harness too?
  3. Yours is the one with the new meter?
  4. skid due to what reasons? if u can prove to them its their fault then u have a pt to fight.if not no point arguing with them.self skid is a traffic offence fyi.

  5. I would like to check is it true that you can claim from HDB if u have a skid in the HDB MSCP.


    1. There are scratches all over my bike and thinking of respraying it.

    2. EO overflow to air filter. ($ spent alot due to the skid)


    Because of the above mention i also changed my tire when i service my bike. I would like to know how can i make the claim. Thanx Bro

  6. You said that tuning is not all about changing jets and tuning the a/f ratio. Then, what are the steps or methods that are missing, then? Please explain exactly what did you do to tune your carb. All the websites that I surf-ed tell me the same things, which is, to change to proper jet and fine tune the ratio. The most that so-called in-depth ones explain only the effect of the surrounding air on fine tuning, like humidity, air temperature, altitude, etc. I'm still curious of what you said.
  7. Should be $200 now I think. That's what I learnt from another thread. One month ago was $250.
  8. Where did you guys go to do carb jettings and tuning for mikuni?
  9. Anyone knows where to get a mudguard that looks like a scrambler's? Is it legal? Also, is changing to open pod filter like Malossi open filter and DCR Bullet filter legal?
  10. What I mean by hard is that .... you once said that the jettings for stock carb is hardly available in Singapore .........
  11. Oh icic. Anyway, can anyone explain how does Acerbis handguard fix on vxr 05? Is it using screw or rivet?
  12. So, you mean RJays is the better one? But, what about the shell size? Is MHR smaller?
  13. Yeah, I would like to know re-wrapping of seat for Gilera Runner VXR '05 too.
  14. Haha dying breed. But I see so many runners on the road.
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