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  1. hey bro, wanna sell your bike in a faster way? I have just set up a instagram account for motorbike sales! Please follow fastmotorbike8 on Instagram! Thanks!!

  2. finally i found u here..!!

  3. hey bro... i understand that there is apps for iphone on TAPAtalk... but can link the one for free one?


    Forum Runner Free.... jus visit http://www.formrunner.net to do the plugin.. i tink can do both tapa and runner at same time..

  4. Sometime i have having this problem too... but i try to tilt the bike to right side before riding off den the bar become full... maybe the needle inside the tank got measuring problem....
  5. clipon is it refer to the handle bar type tat is clip on ??
  6. oppposite penlangi also can!!! Monday i went in saw 3xS4 park at esso i tink owner shld be drink kopi at the india food shop beside.... anyone here is them? hahaaa
  7. hey where is the placeu u tok the pic ah?

  8. http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/non_version/cgi-bin/cgi_getdata.pl?&actno=2004-REVED-276&date=latest&method=part&segid=1104745819-002231#1104745819-002702
  9. my fren ever kana from TP at night in a road block.... i don know wat happened... but knowing SGD 150 jus fly off...
  10. can covert... but is illegal... if TP stop will kana one... jus becareful...
  11. hey sorry to disturb u... how is ur bike ??? the key ting?i lost my spec3 key too.....

  12. Hi, I have updated my car rental tread feel free to have a look...




    If you have any enquires feel free to PM me....





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