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  1. Rizoma Barend $110.00 with installation

    Rizoma Conical Barend $120.00 with installation


    (Daphne 62925578)

  2. barend for duc 848evo you mei you? :cheer:

  3. haha! end december ok? we have one ultra big one. bring along ur cats and dogs, i'll bring my flies and cockroaches.
  4. did anyone say outing.....? =p been long since we had one big one eh?
  5. hi there. I'm a newbie NSR150RR rider. interested in the outings since im waiting for ns, im damn free haha. :)






    KeLvin Goh

    Jurong West Street 81

    Blk 858

    26 June 90

    NSR 150 RR



    =) awaits for outings :)

  6. cpt, ju, etc... bros still? sorry for it again... let u all blow me... i'll let u choose the flavours... i swear i'll wash it clean first... i'll try to make it less sticky... i try to let ALL of u all blow in one single night... it's my fault. pls accept my apologies. and let this not spoil our relationships. *muacks*
  7. ju and a few other guys... i'm sorry for getting u guys into trouble. this's my public apologies. do let me know how i can make it better... let u all blow okies?
  8. bro. it's my fault. i'm sorry about it. really dint mean to. pls dun blame others. do let me know how i can make it better...
  9. =)) *nod =)) i like muackx! *nod read forum more often =) tat time he pump my petrol $10 i already pai seh sia =x saw u at dam last night!! all big bikes KATHE!!!! ha the dog lickings wa. juan thought u relax rider sia. port block until soooo big! yew tee have good mech? *drool* ask fx =x han next time call me on my phone!!
  10. i am protective over charisse. i hope u guys understand.
  11. y these few days so many ppl's sp break down??!! must go tua pek gong pray again! lolx
  12. holygod's one spray 2t also. it's unburnt 2t =)) think ur 2t setting too high? =))
  13. nigel also wana buy honda fit =) clutch? hmmm.... huh? yay!! ben's back!!! $50 per bulb? i think? =x can reduce the range of bogging =)) will affect fc for sure! lol weijie once told me if u maintain at the bogging range, will drink alot of petrol.... $30 if i'm not wrong? excluding new brake fluid =)) arh? i had the same problem before. in the end found out tat the fuse connection lose. the mechnic push the connector abit to make it more tight then can le =x but basketball he charged me $5 for tat. nb...
  14. agree... feel of car and feel of bikes are different!! hmmmm...
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