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  1. I wish i can jump straight to 2a=( 2a/2 bikes are so much quieter/powerful.
  2. Yeap white, HID headlights dont know, never notice, cause it was like noon.., he just kept tailgating me, I speed up a little, i look back, still the same distance behind me, then i signal left, he also signal.. Then he signal right overtake me and blow at me.. I was driving anyway.. not riding. Anyway, that day i was finding old upp thomson road/ tagore lane, went to devils bend, got one bend damn sharp, go at 60 sure die one.. So i went at 40.. And i almost hit a monkey, they love to crawl around the roads
  3. Also another experience.. Was driving at 1st lane SLE or something, exit ang mo kio the expressway.. forgot what is it already.. One vios doing 120 tailgate me, wait 10 secs, i wanna filter left let him pass, he also signal left, then he suddenly filter right, pass me, and filter left, w/o signalling, wah singapore drivers so jialat is it? Signalling so easy also dont know how to, Then he went in and cut inbetween 2 cars, w/o signalling as well. All i know the vios exhaust was modified, quite loud also.
  4. Driving actually, went devils bend at old upp thomson road.. Went past Casurina's Prata i think. Wow alot of sharp bends and theres no railing at lamp post 64?
  5. Toyota wish taxi using CNG.. just saw one at my house.
  6. If i ride a bike, i think i will wear like what BBDC tells us to. Long sleeve, long pants, gloves, and maybe FF. Safety first!.
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