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  1. yoz bro, Stanley here. joining us tmr?

  2. As for my FC, u roughly got it around 15km per litre. For the meter reading, no issue. Still can see. For the resale, im not so sure bro. As for the parts, its at JB. One of the zeds rider intro me the shop. Its a kawa agent for JB. The kawa agent in spore not really that good compared to the one at JB.
  3. You're super right bro. The beauty is what that matters.
  4. Slow and steady wins the race bro. For wad ride so fast. In the end still reach the destination what. If u wanna ride fast might as well go to track or change ur bike to the one of the worlds fastest bike, Kawa ZZR 1400.
  5. For mine, roughly i get at 15-16km per litre.
  6. Dear Z1000 Riders, I just bought a Z1000 2011 model and looking for any Z1000 riders to share some experience about the bike since I'm new to this machine. Is there any Z1000 group in S'pore?
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