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  1. hi guys i dunno if its appropriate to post here. admin please delete it if its inappropriate. Im looking for my ex-phantomTA200 number plate FX2813. Please PM me if you know the owner. thanks alots:thumb:
  2. Hi Deni, no prob. but I tried calling the number you gave me (0167543640) and its invalid. Do you have another number which i can contact you?

    do let me know asap. thanks.

  3. hi guys! i have so harley stuff for sales. some is multi fit. maybe you guys can take a look at the link below http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=250652&highlight=harley
  4. i 'll take 5 items : head light trim ring, rear fender cover, fork slide cover, mirrors & meter trim. my h/p 0167543640 - Deni

  5. yo bro! i have posted my stuff. u take a look. let me know if anything suit u. cheers!


  6. i did a overhaul at abt $300 plus years back
  7. call me and i tell u where to customise a good quality saddlebag. but dun think it going to be cheap.
  8. saw mad rat or rat something(forgotten his nick ) bike along keppel rd tis morning! i can only say whao...nice bike! im the bike wic is in black and red.
  9. for a ape u still can get it from cheong aik. but i not sure abt the thinkness of your fino stock handle bar. most bar for phantom is 7/8inches and 1 inches for bigger cruiser. u gotto change all your wiring as stated by blacknese if the ape is too high. i have tried 13 inches ape for my ride and gotto change the whole set of wiring. so anything higher then tat sure gotto change. or the last option is to go seng kuang at AMH industrial park 2 to get it customise but u gotto pay for the price. hmm... a maybe 10 inches ape on a fino sure draws alot of "whao" attention man! looks good to me thou. A man's meat is another man poison. So juz go ahead with wat theme u wan your ride to have. I do have quite a few ppl giving diff comments on my ex phantom or my current ride but as long as your are happy with it who cares man.haha... I dun think bro yasman mean anything. peace man! huat ar!
  10. i think second one nicer. 1st one doesnt suit your style leh... haha...
  11. yeah man! its the 1st racing stripe phantom in PK. Nice work done by Cool Custom thou. As for Smartbet bike, thats the only phantom wic i have seen so far with tons of electric stuff man! Upz for this 2 custom bikes! yeah!
  12. hi all, im selling my brand new Phantom TA200 air filter at $8. shinny chrome original phantom backrest with cushion for $20. if your back rest is rusty for juz $20 u can get one which look new! Please PM me your contact number and i will get back to you.
  13. totally agreed! think that guy is trying to catch ppl attention by making irritating noise with his bike. But in the end like nobody care...
  14. for local road 10w40 is also ok. all depend on wat u wan for your engine. 20w50 is thicker. as for spark plug juz need to disconnect the plug and unscrew out the old spark plug and put in the new plug. No EO is needed for that.
  15. 1. Icez 2. Reckless..(my time after 10pm)..if i can coax her to fire up..btw KFC under reno right? 3. Kepbin07 4. Dragonlee 5. u guys wanna drop by at dealership 1st? it's from 6-9pm
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