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  1. Im really interested but unsure if my feet can reach the ground and if the seat can accommodate 2 plus size person with top box. Currently riding nx4 and i need to shift the rack and baseplate slightly backwards.
  2. Interested here. Can when available for viewing?
  3. Do you have Continental Conti Escape 90/90-21 120/90-17? If yes, could you quote me the price? Thank you.
  4. Been awhile online... very dusty sia...
  5. Hi Do you have stock for NX4 Falcon? 520 X-ring Front 15t Rear 40T. Could you quote me the price? Thank you.
  6. My experience: 1) Fuel consumption averaging 18-22km/litre (15.3litre tank), total of depending on my riding style and traffic conditions. 2) Currently, Im travelling at 90-110kph.. very comfortable even with heavy rider and pillion like me and my gf.. top end ard 140(+/-10)kph, depending on your bike set up. Currently, 16/15-40 sprocket set up. 3) I service my bike monthly as I use it extensively, about 3000km/month. Fully synthetic 2 X 15w-50(1800ml) + 1 oil filter = $55 I can safely say this bike is really tough and aggressive. I've been riding with a worn out cam chain system since day 1 and thank God, so far it didn't/hadn't skip a beat.
  7. WAH!!! I donkey years nv see2 here.. haha.. aniwez welcome to all... do share your nx4 experiences.. hopefully can attract more nx4 riders? For those who are interested in joining our Whatsapp group do PM me. Ride safe all.
  8. I think bargain is seller offer a lower selling price and buyer request seller to further lower the price.. while negotiate is seller set a selling price, buyer share his expected price and discuss the price according to the condition or circumstances. Just my opinion. Sorry if I got it wrong. Huhu!! Anyway, all the best in your sales. Good and reasonable pricing.
  9. I have contacted you via Whatsapp. Hope to deal soon should everything runs smoothly.
  10. Bro.. juz wana ask,... where did you service/do up ur nx400? Im currently riding 1

  11. Im interested. When and where can view?
  12. Back on sale after a few buyers changed their minds.
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