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  1. hi..is there anywhere i can get my hands on a yamaha yzf-r125..really want this bike..or is anyone selling?

  2. hi, can i ask you if you know where i can get Yamaha YZF R125? I cant find it anywhere. (:

  3. quickslver where u buy your fuchs products? i go bukit merah and bukit batok area all never sell de lei...wanna buy from seraphx but he nv reply my sms lei...siao liao dun dare ride my bike liao...now think left less than 150ml..haha..u got leftover? spare mi some can?
  4. anyone here can help mi compare pls? quick i need to decide...running out of 2T left onli like 200ml in my tank haha...wanna change but dono which to use lei... i onli wanna use motul 710 or fuchs silkoline comp 2...which is better? onli using oil injector tank...not premix.. and anyone got fuchs silkoline comp 2 for sale? half bottle oso can deal asap at west side now lol...left less than 200ml in my tank...dangerous sia..
  5. hmmmm weird...how come all ur insurance so ex de??? i jus pass my 2b lisc then next day go buy my rs insurance get from AXA 3rd party only....so cheap lei...onli 428bucks leh!!!
  6. ai ya...no probs de la...go in ocs liao...camp at jurong there ma...dun ride to camp lo....ride to somewhere nearby to park la...but onli thing is i scared rs125 park 5days oso will have prob alrdy lei...thats y wanna change to comet or roadwin...cheap n lasting...lol... then jus now while on the way home...i saw a big size guy wear ff helmet riding 06 rs125 black de...but his fairing all chui sia!!! must be a bad buang...chat with him abit at traffic light then green light still chatting haha behind van horn us..kns....lol!!!!
  7. wah!!! 8385 bro ur paintwork super nice!!!! omg!!! where u did that? how much? wa liew i love sport bikes in yellow n black lo....how much u selling? coe how much left? any details? upz for ur sale man...ur bike real nice loz!!!!
  8. and lycan if i become officer i will oso ride bike onli..but upgrade to bigger bike...lol!!!car for next time when have family ba...but even got car next time still will have a bike i think...
  9. my bike now alrdy 5k plus mileage...run in finnish liao... i got whack abit sumtimes but normally i ride at around 90km/hr max at exp way only 140...but top speed i tried b4 is 165... sparkers seriously dun waste money buy from mah motors la...unless u super rich la...if not u let them eat ur money one...they sell quite ex lo...and rs125 buy new one abit waste of money unless u wanna ride it long long la...i now if sell u 5.5k cash i bear transfer fees and got new road tax oso...plus free ogk rgx ff helmet quite new still...i now sell u this price i oso lost around 2k+ leh...i onli bought
  10. lol...i wanna chiong for ocs ba...and wan to sign on as naval officer if possible...cuz i used to be a sailor for NOL ma during poly time..well...i going to take the defensive riding soon lo b4 i go ns...but if my bike can sell the price i want then sell ba...cuz i love my bike lei...such a gd buy last time leh...1k mileage when i buy onli...show room condition summore haha...hmmm if never sell nvm lo...i got a fren to help mi warm up engine once every 2 days and ride around at least twice a week...
  11. lol too fast for mi i guess...no la recently have some financial issues so if can sell then sell lo get some spare cash...then oso going army soon liao in march...so wanna change to comet or roadwin...but like no one interested in exchange sia...-.-!!! i oso never premix...but castrol power 1 racing 2t seems very popular for 2stroke bikes lei...dono if its good for rs125...i using it now 2nd bottle liao...cant feel the difference anyway...i dun premix oso...but some leftover will pour into fuel tank for safety i guess haha... and pillon seat for older rs125 though is big with more cusion
  12. hello wan buy 05 version? i have stock show room condition 2005 rs125! wan buy? selling at 5.5k cash...transfer fees i bear and free ogk rgx ff helmet! mileage 5010km onli!!! interested pm mi price can nego hehe older designs like 2005 and below all have the "tua tao" look...thats y overal looks a little bigger than rs125 of 06 and 07 type...dun u guys find that 06 especially looks much smaller than older rs125s? though the head is nice for 06 and 07 but on some angles tua tao looks just as nice haha...
  13. pls vote for the 2T u think is best for rs125 oil injector system only! 1) Castrol R2 Racing (more power)--$12 2) Castrol R2 Racing (more acceleration)--$12 3) fuchs silkoline comp 2---$20+? 4) Castrol 747 --price?? 5) motul 710--$20 6) Esso Gold 2T--price?? Vote for the gear oil u think its best for RS125!!! 1) Fuchs silktran syn5--$30 2)Fuchs Pro SRG 75--$22 3)Maxima Gear Oil 75w-90--$26 4) castrol gear oil --$15 Vote for the best coolant for RS125!! 1) Castrol RadiCool--price?? 2) Maxima Coolaide--$18 3) Elf motorCoolant Organic-- $20?? 4) Fuchs Pro CCA --$6.50 (
  14. ai ya 160 v good liao la...in sg how fast u wan to go? my top oso 165+ nia stock bike oso...but ur bike run in liao ma? new bike so fast whck to 160? lolz
  15. why stock cdi crazy for ur bike lei? wad happened khoa9876? lol han programmer okies but i didnt see ur fren from behind while coming up to catch u lei haha...okok maybe too late eyes slpy le hope to see u again too...ur paintwork nicer lo!!! mine original lion head ma... 2T i using castrol R2 racing for more acceleration cost onli 12bucks 1 litre lei..i oso noob cant feel the difference in 2T...and oso gear oil...now i still using esso gold 4T oil...kns that new southern motor noob mech never tell mi that i should use gear oil instead of 4T...gona change it soon when i reach 5k mileage.
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