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  1. same problem with those guys.. cant read yu pm

  2. Wishing U Luck Bro.... By the way, what else do u need for ur bike....??? Cheers....!
  3. Dah tido lah tu..... Senyap aje..... Hmmmmm!
  4. Ans.1) read all the post about the 25 blink pls... Ans.2)U can try cutting cutting the seat, or higher or loosen ur suspension preload a bit, but this will effect ur stability... Q1)When u goin to b'come SuperMan...??? By the way, nice intro... He-he-he.... Cheers...!
  5. Try to go to ur regular patronize shop, then ask them to check for u the Fi/ECU thing..! If they doesn't know, then ask anyone here to recommend u to any shop.. To me all shop pratice the same, first they wil cut ur throat, then when u bleed, they will aid u slowly....! Thru what i experienced and to what most of bikers told me that they have experienced..! Cheers....!
  6. Hellooo All Birdies....! Regarding the 25 blikns, yes it is true the ECU putting ur bike in the safe mode, the the best part of it once the safe mode is activated,the ECU commanding to pump more petrol than normal to safe the engine, but actually the ECU was reading a faulty map or faulty knock sensor reading which is actually not.By this it will suck petrol, and giving poor fuel comsumption. My normal fuel comsumption is 280-290km then reserved blinks, but now after the 25blinks, 200km blinks reserved. Different by 80-90km. And also once the safe mode is activated, the ECU will cut ur bi
  7. HI there, wanna sell ur Acumen&volt meter...??

  8. hi there, are u the one doing the MO for Pazzo levers teh last time...???




  9. Bro, pardon me if i'm wrong.... Valve clearance only not enough, still need to change tensioner,timing chain and chain slider...! Since valve clearance already need to take out engine top, might as well do it all together.... Cheers.... Onz la..... since i heard someone tell me by wearing this T-shirt will give my bike 5bhp more.... He-he-he.... But what size fit me ah...??? Cheers..
  10. What's the mileage of the bike...??? Have u change the EO recently...??? If yes, what EO grade/vilosity u change to..??? Is the engine noise during ur cold start or after the engine have warm up...??? Cheers...
  11. Emm....Sory need to ask something.. Does wearing this Polo T-shirt while riding will increase the HP of my bike..??? If yes i also want leh..... He-he-he....
  12. Ok bro not so bad, Thank God it drop in Sg, if it were to drop @ jb juz now how....! Then comfirm $300 poorer and.......????? Cheers....
  13. Damm..... juz now while riding back home was very sleppy, but now when reach home, cannot sleep..... Hope to see u guys again, next outing... Like milan says, Rm24 on petrol can give u so much fun.... He-he-he..... Cheers...
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