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  1. Pinwall cycles ships to sg I believe.
  2. If you're buying new I suppose you're going to service it at Minerva. You can ask them directly because their prices are set out according to what job it is.
  3. No other practical difference for the average rider except a different rear stand if you use them.
  4. You can try this site. Their shipping charges are steep though, may want to use Vpost or some other shipper to get your items here. http://store.proitalia.com/ducati_oem_parts.php
  5. Peak power for the 696 is produced at 9000rpm so your bike should be able to rev to at least that rpm. With the pipes and filter, the rev limit can be raised even higher. What's limiting it is probably the ECU, perhaps its standard setting places the rev ceiling at 8500. You can try approaching Minerva to tweak the ECU and get the rev limit raised.
  6. In case people are confused, this is what it looks like. http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/Gallery/Ducati%20Monster%20S4%20%203.jpg
  7. Hahahahhaa Anyway Friday and Saturday I'm out, enjoy your rides guys.
  8. Don't kill yourself for this job lah.
  9. I think that's the one...I ate that with my friend a couple days back. Had the porridge though.
  10. Hmm this week hard. Next Monday? Yea but at least it's good... China square you mean? The one where a medium bowl costs $8?
  11. Generally, it is quite hard to replicate colours unless you know the paint codes and paint brand used originally. If you want everything the same shade, your best bet is to respray every part together.
  12. Hai...won't be in Singapore. Miss the chalet again.
  13. The outlet opposite china square? China square itself has free parking...but I can't make it today!
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