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  1. i park double yellow or any spot where theres space...some mscp really really fullhouse one...alot of bikes even park outside of the last lot... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Gst is must charge 1 cos new machine. Nvr heard of 10% service charge. Its not dining.

  3. Hi,


    U got ur bike from i-motoring? can check with u do they check u additional 10% service charge + 7% GST for the bike?



  4. yo guys u can view the photos i taken on fb... feel free to add me.. [email protected]
  5. I won pennzoil eo. After the idemitsu. But all semi syn i think.
  6. I won pennzoil eo. After the idemitsu. But all semi syn i think.
  7. Haha i don find my akra loud enough even witout silencer. Hopefully after decat can get louder. I also intemding getting a spare pipe. Race one should be bloody loud. Lazer or something. Lol The akra must rev to a sweet spot then got kick. Which is beyond 5k rpm.
  8. I won 4 bottles of eo. Bad its semi syn so decided to give my friend.
  9. All go juzz wheelzz do detachable number plate. Next time photoshoot all take off. Bra-thers also take off brA. Lol
  10. Fb only the group can see ma. N the group is ourselves. Lol So don scared...maybe next photoshoot will be a nite shoot. But cannot take rider cos we difficult to keep still for more than 10 secs. Lol
  11. its gonna be picture intensive!!
  12. go fb see the pics...somebody quickly add grandmaster...here upload gonna take ages...lol
  13. i will post some pics here later... i washed bike yesterday nite...the weather only merciful for half a day nia.... kena rain full-on at yishun....kns...rear dirty again...
  14. So any wet weather contingency for saturday??
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