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  1. its quarrity over quanrity ok.

  2. rebuilt as in cosmetic wise or plus engine parts?
  3. hi all ! anybody selling their M400?
  4. what is your asking price?

  5. i bought the carb repair kit and fixed it all up already..think must adjust? ok ill check the petrol hose also..
  6. hey all, i got back my bike already. Ah chwee overhauled most of the engine parts.. its running smooth.. but then the engine gets quite hot sometimes and most of the time when the bike is on a standstill position, the engine dies.most prob carb must go and adjust abit..
  7. hey cant meet on a fri night! going OCS, confinement 3weeks! plus bike in workshop.. maybe next time
  8. spot on !how u know yellow colour bike? ahahaha anyway the grand prix book got pics on bikes also?
  9. hahah yeah it does save money! khong soon charge me $100-$200 range, compared to online USD$199 new block! But still the appearance of the block is different ma..my block chui already, previous owner go and spray paint black ..tried removing it but i still cannot see original metal colour. It seems to have a coat (dirt?) over it..any idea on how to restore back to near original colour?
  10. went khong soon today, the uncle said he can do my cylinder lining to std size!
  11. Yup i understand...my bike always leak engine oil, maybe cos of oil seal problem that led to the damage of piston and block. I'll try to fix that also. But how come plug also change?
  12. bro, i ns man only. bo lui hahahhaa!! Plus i dont have a paypal account, all my online purchase thru remittance or telegraphic transfers only ! chwee say he selling me cheap. but i dont know how cheap it is lah. btw he told me if i buy 1.00 piston and put in my old block still can last 1-2 years..now i going khong soon to check if they sell the pistons not..
  13. btw there is another solution, seems that ahchwee shop have one old 0.75 block. i can buy 1.00 piston then send to the pros to do it!
  14. i went down to ahm today, ahchwee said that my piston size 1.00. which means cannot be done already. Now im looking for std size piston and after that then i will send my block for honing.. maybe tomorrow i will head down to khong soon and check if have or not.. also maybe ill go search for clutch plate also!... Hope can find in singapore, order online damn leceh!
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