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  1. bro sms me ur number 90553872 (Lan). Urgent need bike

  2. Bro u still gt rxz parts for sale?

  3. fren sms me ur contact should call u regard the 125Z

  4. My machine scrapped Parts are for sale http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/327825-RXZ-Scrapped-machine..Parts-on-sale
  5. nope ...it just me admire the style u ride...... Yellow CBR 600 F4 botak rider
  6. blow blow blow rich kids..... they do no fuel are expensive now........brave in a group only........... But bro i used to be like one of them but in my ride life we Respect each other on the road who know one day our bike break down and we need help do we help those BLOW kids. 4get it
  7. memalukan aku je ingatkan tren blow ni dah pupus yg mamat ni pulak terlalu ikutkan perasaan 4give n 4get lah take it as a greeting
  8. i saw u this morning im hoping to join the 5 lap race with u but i knew situation bad join u next track day
  9. hi andy u missed today session its very challanging. But i understand 2moro is ur 1st day of the new job. By the way i improved on my lap timing today. Pretty tired but enjoy myself
  10. RAKz aka Andy you improved alot bro. i like your body posture....... Monday Good Luck on your new profession..........driving instructor
  11. i noticed everywhere there are more car lots rather than bike lots. park kena dont park kena.................. pay only lah
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