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  1. guys can anyone help me? i just took out my bike after 2 weeks engine didnt start. started fine and move off from workshop to my house carpark. den when i turn the ignition on again, the light indicators faded and front and rear lights did not light up. suspected battery went flat. any solution here without getting to the workshop again. heard that i should replace the battery water... but how? anyone can help???
  2. hmm shuld b for 9 litres ... because i can get 290 to 300km for one full tank top up till the low fuel starts blinking... so ard 32 - 33km/litre for 9 litres... i want to change air filter n pipe but scared affect the fc leh...
  3. mine is vxr 05. currently having 30 to 33km/litre... going to average 90 to 110km/hr everyday like tat... totally stock bike and really loving it man... planning to change lv pipe and air filter... but will this affect the fuel consumption? heard tat changing to aftermarket air filter will improve fc. is this true?
  4. yeah u better give a check first maybe yes maybe not
  5. hahaha... i ever tot of doing tat also.. but scared later kena caught for housebreaking... anyway i also think i medium size pail for containing the water is merely enuff... how abt going to the petrol station n ask the bangla to wash ur bike? i heard many riders cannot start the bike after washing tat way... some more not really clean. the bangla spray only...
  6. this is wat i usually do... the nearest mscp at my area is very far... so i bought a super long water hose then connect from my house toilet down to under my blk. den just coordinate the person on top to on n off the tap. btw my house is on the 5th floor. so i got a bloody long water hose...
  7. u mean when the engine is already off? perhaps u need to go to the motordiam n check already. when i last change my belt, there is a nail in my transmission! how the hell it gets in there sia...
  8. the sound comes when u r moving or already stopped? maybe it's the clutch slip.. but that happen only when its moving off like my bike.... if not the i dunno already...
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