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  1. Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT (Base Model) Reg June 2015 COE June 2025 Mileage 20,000 km 2 digit number plate Asking $32,800 negotiable on viewing. Viewing at Pasir Ris weekday evenings. Full cash no trade, find your own re-finance if necessary. Whatsapp 97111266 Accessories & Services Done: - Original top case - Givi tank lock ring - OEM fog lights (with integrated switch control linked to ECU & instrument cluster) - Heated grips - Main stand - STM Clutch slave (Mar 2018) - Brembo front pads (Mar 2018) - Pirelli Angel ST (Mar 2018) - Oil change every 5,000 km
  2. yup, looks like it is

  3. Bro, I found a monster 400 for sale. white colour and FX plate. Is that you owned earlier?

  4. 795 has double sided swingarm compared to 796.
  5. I vote Victory adam road food center. $1.50 fruit juice KTM Royal prate Bussirah st (maybe just try)
  6. If buying brand new, do consider the 796. IMO the single sided swing arm is nice... and no one can fault the extra power.
  7. Monster rider riding a 748? A 748 is a sports bike. In traffic it will heat up more definitely. Higher compression including 4V and radiator. Monster 400 is not a very hot bike. The higher the capacity the hotter it is basically. So M400 to M900 is alright for heavy traffic. I don't know about the 1100. Maybe the owners can comment
  8. When I had 2A years ago I went touring alone on the M400. Brought a brake disc lock along for safety, lock handle bars and clamp the rear wheel when I ate at coffee shops. Bike theft same risk for all bikes, no such thing as safe. Not much overnighters, just day trip with tank bag. For 3-4 days, you should consider backpack or preferable side soft panniers. In SG will lose to super 4 on power, maybe acceleration and fuel economy as well as maint $. But buy something special must pay right? The sound and road presence will win hands down, sometimes it is worth the $$$, sometimes not. Depends
  9. Now must join for victory already. Dun pretend you dunno about ducatis haha.
  10. If your front right side, lower part of the fork does not have a bracket for another pair of calipers, it will be more expensive. Either you buy a right fork or the lower bracket. Both not easy to find cheaply. If not, just buy caliper, brake pads, brake disc, new brake hose, maybe brake pump if you want better power. Else, single disc is good enough for track even. The bike is already very light and you are not at 1098 speeds. Also, why do you want the front wheel to be heavier?
  11. check if it is in miles... if someone changed the meter before, then there is a possibility that it may not be in km. If in km, then it is very bad FC. go check the bike at mech
  12. Can fit on my monster? 01-03 model i think... tempting man.
  13. or use search thread function... easier to get answers
  14. Warren got it right and bangla is not italian hahaha. Too bad for Ian.
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