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  1. Hello,


    Erm, basically vtec indicator is just a strip of LED connected to your bike.


    Nothing fancy, you just need to know where to connect to.


    Any LED strips will do.


    For the actual connection, check out my signature. The process requires you to remove your tank.



  2. hey mate, where can i buy e vtec indicator?


  3. brother i want to buy a pair of t10 led buld for my revo meter can u give me the add of dealextreme . thank alot

  4. Lol. Think I will just drop by ah chong on monday and describe my situation. It is getting annoying. ): Sent via Galaxy S (Tapatalk)
  5. how much and how long does it take? And I have a weird problem.. When I reached a carpark and I wanna reserve my bike in while clutch in on first gear.. My engine will died off.. It happened a few times already.. Any known cause? Thanks!
  6. wtf? $4500? i sold him $2700 only.
  7. Anyone know where can I fix the lcd display for spec 1? And any way to make the buttons for the lcd more sensitive? I hope I don't have to change the whole meter. :| Thanks! Sent via Galaxy S (Tapatalk)
  8. my? lol it is just a plain phantom.. 90% stock :|
  9. Anyone interested in a FBB TA200? Reg in FEB 2007 NO accident/dent. Mileage @ 68XXXkm as of today. Comes with: - 48L top box. - Original Manual and Tool set. - DIY-ed Hazard Light - 12V Charging Socket - Stebel Magnum Horn - Big Crash Bar - Broquet (for better engine respond) - Custom Seat from Eugene. XL Seat with extra cushion. Planning to sell @ 2.9k(NEG upon viewing) No COI as my uncle paid full the first time.. Good to go for another 5+ years! (: You can be the 2nd Owner of this Almost bullet proof bike! Here comes the sexy photos! http://i3.photo
  10. My phantom is only 4years plus old. :| mileage at 68k km Not really la. Emitting a small amount of white smoke. The usual wear and tear. Yours still running well? Sent via Galaxy S (Tapatalk)
  11. I was wondering did they ran out of durians? Left at about 10pm. Didn't know if they 'refilled' a not. Sent via Galaxy S (Tapatalk)
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