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  1. Hey....Greg !

    How abt u organise 1 & i wil be there ?

    Sui bo ? :cheeky:


    Hey thanks.


    Need to sort my bike out first. With the exhaust and PC3.


    But would like to meet up for a TCS. Have been out of touch with bikes for a while now, see the new generation of riders (I sound sooo old)....

  2. The best wifi phone is the iPhone with full browser as opposed to the rest, which usually has a browser lite. What this means is the downloading of information is faster, amongst other things.


    However, the iPhone is not officially out and the battery life sucks. If you can live with that, and need a phone with Wifi, then iPhone is the one for you....

  3. No problems man... always a next time.....


    I have little experience of cigar smoking.... can't seem to appreciate the finer things in life such as wine and cigar.....


    I have tried R&J cigars before.... supposed to be quite good..... but don't see why its so good.... is it good????


    Well throttle, if you can make it this friday, let us know..... Thanks.

  4. Originally posted by Throttle@January 15, 2007 12:15 pm

    Your moon-roof extra $7k must be a big car then....

    Mine, I willingly paid $5k to get it factory fitted in Belgium.


    Actually even my 8 year old Honda Civic Hatch didnt have any problems with the factory sunroof. No leakages nor mechanical problems.


    I dont really smoke in the car.

    Just that sometimes, I cant finish my cigar and I gotta go and I dont want to put it out so I continue smoking while in the car. so the moonroof is extra handy.

    Dude, lets go out for a cigar sometime......

  5. Originally posted by Throttle@January 14, 2007 11:35 pm

    Contrary to what you think Greg, a Moonroof/Sunroof is a really fun option to have. In fact a Cariolet is very suitable for Singapore.


    Driving one in the cool evenings is very nice.

    When I was driving a Cabrio, I opened my top almost every evening driving home from work.


    As for my Moonroof, i probably use it around 30% of the time.

    As long as it is not too hot and I dont get stuck in traffic, I am very very likely to turn off the aircon, down the windows and the sunroof.


    Although it's a small opening, it changes the ambience within the car very significantly.


    You can also have the aircon on while the sunroof is open.

    Cool air doesnt rise so your cabin will still feel cool.

    Even for a Cabrio, you can do the same.

    Down the soft top/hard top but keep all windows up, the aircon can still keep you cool.


    I would agree that soft top down under the hot afternoon sun is a bit crazy unlike you are at the beach.


    A sunroof/moonroof certainly makes a car look much better and sportier too.


    Finally, it allows me to smoke my cigar in the car if really necessary.That's why I specifically ordered my car with a Moonroof and waited 4 months for special delivery and paid additional $5k.


    In fact, I told the Sales Exec, "no sunroof/moonroof, i wont buy"


    heh hehh heh


    (For the records, I've not had any problems regarding leakages, noise etc ...with both my sunroof/moonroof cars)

    Well I agree with you that the sunroof does change the 'feel' of the car.... And your car is relatively new, hence, shouldn't be a problem. It is after a few years that the problems start to occur....


    If smoking is on your agenda, the more 'orifices' you have in yr car, the better..... and best to have a convertible..... but I wouldn't advocate smoking in the car as I read somewhere that besides the smoke smell, other little accidents such as butt burn (in the fabric/leather) marks and ash in the car does not make the car more attractive.......


    I have a moonroof in my car and use it quite frequently but is it worth the extra $7k? I'm not really sure.....


    But to each his own..... you earn the money, you spend it......

  6. Originally posted by sibingai@January 10, 2007 11:25 am

    well sh*t happens....if it were me...i wouldnt be paiseh.....the least i can say is...i used to own a ferrari maranello spyder....do you..??? :cheeky:

    For your info, its not a ferrari maranello spyder, I don't think Ferrari make the maranello in a spider guise..... its most definitely a Modena spider.....

  7. Actually, I've never seen the need for a sunroof in Singapore. It worries the owners about leakages, noise etc..... Plus a sunroof does 'weaken' the structure of the car.... And the rubber seals.... don't talk about the sunroof... even the door rubbers can lose its 'water-proofness' because of our heat......


    In cooler climates (and especially cars without air-conditioning), the sun roof plays quite an important part, but in Singapore, most of us have the air-conditioning on most of the time..... so really, not a necessary accessory....


    But I do agree with Throttle..... if you want it, get it factory fitted......but then again, for some cars, the sunroof option can cost up to $7k (or more)....... so the price of RM1.8k is really attractive......


    For those with sunroof, how often do you use your sunroof and do you use it with the air-conditioning on???


    In my opinion, it is a pointness option unless you are into the 'aesthetics' of the car....

  8. Just got the phone for a week. In my opinion, it is the best phone currently available... Was looking at the Nokia N91 (like it for the feel) and the N80 (like it for the WiFi). Sadly, from what I've heard from others who own the phone, its all crap....


    After a week of ownership, I can safely say that it is a good phone package. For those who advocate carrying a separate camera or a mp3 player, well, you can do that and be on your way....


    For the rest of us, it is just nice to have an integrated device that does all these functions alright, but not as good as its individual counterparts.


    The phone plays Video, can play video of your friends when they call, take good pics, can play mp3 etc.... so it kinda does well, for such a small device....


    Three cheers for SE......

  9. Originally posted by joeizdaman@Mar 1 2005, 03:24 PM



    here's mine. Mechanical, accurate and unique. I like it's uniqueness in design and looks but it still serves it's basic functions very well..... got it from russia with love! :lovestruck:

    the watch is similar to mine except mine's not a chrono..... nice, simple and functional.....

  10. Originally posted by skydude@Feb 27 2005, 06:37 PM

    went to suntec see see the travel sales then also went to see SINCER


    was told by the sales personal the price for tag going up tooo


    hai~ the oild price goes up so does WATCHES?


    With most popular brands, prices will go up on a regular basis. Usually annually. Brands such as Tag and Panerai will increase its prices almost for certain. Supply and demand.

  11. Looks like the AP is favoured by yourself and Throttle.... There is a OffShore version which is really expensive. I saw one the other way, quite sporty with the knobs coated with rubber. But AP not my cuppa tea....... Nice nevertheless.......

  12. Originally posted by Lass@Feb 10 2005, 02:57 AM

    hmmm i dun find tag worth the money at all.


    wanted to get the mark 12 but my friend said got money get the portuguese :giddy: cos mark 12 got alot of imitations abut portugese is way too ex :faint:


    my 2 cents worth :smile:

    The portuguese is indeed a nice watch. Plain and functional. My favourite from that range is the Chrono-Automatic. http://www.iwc.ch/collection/_img/2_0_portuguese/3714_013_m.jpg


    Have you seen the Automatic's back? Its beautiful.... I think the automatic retails for about S$12k (if I'm not mistaken).... and most importantly, the movement is in-house, not a Zenith one. And at 42mm diameter, its bigger than your Panerai.


    Just the brand, love it!

  13. Originally posted by Throttle@Feb 10 2005, 12:31 AM

    my favourite remains the one i'm wearing. I still think it's a man's watch and will always be the man's watch.


    if i make some more money in the market, maybe i'll consider the Audemar piguet Royal Oak Chrono.....


    but that means i'll have to sell my Submariner, cos in my opinion, one good watch is all a man needs. (just like one good woman)

    That's a nice watch. The dealer I go to just sold an AP T3 edition for some obscene amount of money. The set came with a huge package and T1, T2 and T3 DVDs. The watch itself (if I'm not mistaken) is 56mm in diameter. HUGE.


    Myself, I prefer something more 'manly' (for lack of a better word). Current favourite is IWC and the Tag Heuer Kirium Chrono.


    For Rolex, I like the Sea Dweller better because of the unmagnified date portion. Plus it has the helium release valve. Also retails around the Submariner price of S$6k.

  14. 1. Throttle - Volvo S40 2.4i / Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R

    2. misterbean - Honda CRV / Honda CBR400

    3. B.O.B - Toyota Vios / Honda Sp

    4. Yaphui_gts - Mit Lancer GDI / Yamaha GTS1000

    5. Dragstar - Subaru Legacy / Yamaha Dragstar

    6. Stoner - Hyundai Trajet / Wave125-R (My sweet little Tweety-Bird)

    7. mas17 - Suzuki Liana / RXK

    8. KISS - Toyota Picnic/ VFR800Fi

    9. Motrax33 - Toyota WISH/ CB600FX Hornet

    10. Greg - Audi A4 1.8T/Hayabusa/Ducati 400SS

  15. in my personal opinion, the world has moved on from Rolex-es..... many other superb brands are now available, esp in Singapore. I suppose buying a watch is like buying a car, very personal. And having to spend over $1,000 for a watch might be crazy for some, esp when a simple (and more accurate) Casio will suffice.


    Regardless, some people are willing to spend hundreds of thousands on ONE watch like VC's Lady Kaliska or any of the Turbillions (range of most brands start from S$50k). Its not about the diamonds and gold finishes but the intricate movements that are found within the watch.....


    VC has been a personal favourite of mine, but their watches are all about 38mm in diameter.

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