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  1. Hi bikeagain, I got mine at 2.3k, FBA plate. Everything in already except insurance. The condition is very good, will give a 9/10. Test ride and buy also. I like the bike so far, easy to handle (esp for first timers like me). Latest check for fuel efficiency: 40.5km/l. Not bad. I think mine is 16 in rims. So is 180kPa for front tyre pressure too little?
  2. Hi, I'm a nouvo rider. Bought a second hand nouvo. Got some questions, hope you guys can help. I'm a newbie to riding, P plate still. How much is the front and back tyre pressure? Back tyre says 250 kPa but front tyre never say! And yes, I do realise that my petrol "evaporates" quite fast when i don't ride. I don't know why also. Any thing I can do to prevent it from happening? Was calculating my fuel efficiency, just pumped few hours ago: 38km/l (not too bad. Will continue to monitor. Oh, do you guys pump 92, 95 or 98 grade for petrol? I've been using 95, don't know if can
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