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  1. Hello & Good day people. I'm letting go my BMW F700GS to someone who will deserve it more. PML Unit COE till January 2024 Current mileage 79k Bike has never disappoint me and has gone to various places during my dating days with my wife. Ever since my son is born; sadly this beast is only used to transport myself to work and back home and that's it. Bike is fully paid so please source your own finance. Not Planning to dekit and all accessories will go to new owner. *Lots of accessories Accessories Garmin Zumo GPS Barkbasters Handguards Fuzebox GIVI Adjustable Airflow Wi
  2. hi bro, may i know i much did u pay for F700GS. i currently riding honda NC700S and intend to upgrade.

    is there a F700GS at BMW showroom. Thanks?

  3. Hey there bro. I saw your pos5 pertaining your exhaust.

    I was stop by rov too and and followed your advice.

    Any sample appeal letter that you have since its my first time? Thanks bro

  4. is ur bike still available ?

  5. Hey there. Came across your dekitting. Wanna know where you deal it bro? I dont mind coming down. Pm me yup. Thanks :)

  6. hoi!!!!!!!!!! ahahahaha!!!

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