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  1. Ya true. nevertheless if someone need a bike for delivery or cheap mean of transport. Renew Phantom might still be an option if coe is not gng back to 1k level .
  2. i think only can go for old one. A lot didnt survive COE renewal. Another way to look at it is those you can find now owner should be taking good care. Meet at trusted bike shop to let mechanic do check before commit sound reasonable to most seller.
  3. hi i am regular at koon motor ( he only do phantom). one way is buy phantom is once you confirm to buy you can meet seller at koon motor. let him do a quick check. Ensure no big problem . Then proceed with transaction. that is how i sell my bike too. Buyer worry about condition as Phantom tend to be old age. Best meet somewhere comfortable.
  4. wow sound good... may i know where and feedback on quality of work ? thanks ... cos wrapping is around 260 ..
  5. got red then tough liao cos the reason i cant have anything red is due to wat recommand by a very famous thai astrologist, commonly known as fortune teller LOL.. when my phantom is red wow lau .. one mini accident plus lots of scarly encounter after change to black HENG HENG liao LOL...
  6. is the M620 and M400 same size..?? i sat on a 620 before look ok liao .. dont like tt lah.. i know i bigger than common ppl LOL hahahahaha tts why i wanna wrap or paint the bike white.. then i wear black lor.. : D
  7. im viewing one this sat... if nothing go wrong might jus pay tt guy deposite ... cos the bike is red. then i have problem with RED.. now is thinking wat is the way to cover it ... spray , wrap or tank bra.. u know how much is the tank bra?
  8. hey thanks a lot for your reply .. basically im trying to see which is a better way for me .. do the wrapping with matt black , paint it or get a tank bra. im jus going thru how it going to look like in my mind . haven decide on which is better.. by the u know how much is a tank bra for monster ? thanks
  9. should be simple white/yellow tank and fender. with black DUCATI wording on tank . trying to compare doing matt black wrapping or paint..
  10. hi can check with u guys anyone does respray on their monster before? the tank and front fender . how much will it cost?
  11. hi bro any one know where to get a classic type quarter fairing locally .. did some research only US still have it ... http://www.body-kits.biz/1979-1980-Suzuki-GS1000-Wes-Cooley-replica-quarter-fairing-p-87336.html
  12. Hi rodman,

    I'm planning to get 150 and renew the COE. You have any advise? Is it troublesome to maintain 150 compared to 200?


  13. wow i didnt know how to use this function till now

  14. recognise d skull.....did't u pass me ur rear signal lights?

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