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  1. ok noted and thx. i will send for check 1st.
  2. my spark original meter of the speedometer cannot move same as to the mileage. only the fuel guage i fine. so i have to change the whole meter or is it the meter cable problem ? anyone knows? or experienced it b4 ?
  3. anyone knos today holiday the ah gua lane there motor shop got open anot ? any ideas ?
  4. anyone knos ah gua lane motorshop there holiday got open today ? cos today public holiday haha
  5. hi, i am selling my air ticket to phuket one person for $100. as i bought $144. cos due to something on so selling out. Interested pls sms me. 90182031.
  6. SO if it was you which shop will u go normally ?
  7. is WK motor in ah gua lane jb reliable ? in terms of price.
  8. haha I know sg no free. so how much u charge if I buy parts and give to to change ?
  9. so u any thing also know how to do ? like eg. change spocket chain or brakes blah blah and service free ar ? haha..
  10. can i know which bike shop that u can recommend ?
  11. then like that next time u teach me how to do can ? haha
  12. beside mirror other servicing like minor one. u know any good shop ?
  13. which motorshop u recommend ? is wK and ahboy reliable ?
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