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  1. hi chic_gal still remember ? i riding a kawa 636 fetch u last time heehee... =-) u got facebook ? can share ?

  2. so ur change ur battalax tires in jb ? how much ?
  3. If you're on a budget just get it changed to Dunlop TT900's. Thailand made but it's good enough. so jb got dunlop tt900 la. oso made in thailand ? is it real oso ?
  4. but then your normally change in sg or jb ? i heard jb tires all chiong one.
  5. hi all the sparks bro , i need your comments. may i know change tires in jb is it the same with singapore ? i mean is it sticky ? and real ? i intend to take dunlop tt900. unless battalax is more cheaper than singapore battalax and duplop tt900. lol
  6. where is tachyon ? gt the address ? and number ?
  7. maybe i noe normally where ur kawa service ur bike ? cos vector one shop intro mi to go k&t shop for servicing. i wan to service my clutch plate and skin . and gasket.
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