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  1. how about at SHELL at boon lay? how? how? timing? anyone? anybody? nobody?
  2. who wane go with me tmr morning, let me know k? or mayb mit at 1 place thn go together-gether,forever-ever to 2nd link.. ape maciam gang c gangz?
  3. ape lagi nid 2 brimg eh? xtra underwear? hahaha.... who have chain lube can bring tmr k? tingkayu... who wane go with me tmr?
  4. guys... anymore of u coming over to this SATURDAY lunch? if any of u guys wane come over, but yet to update the list, pls do okie? 2 more days to go.. see u guys when u see me.. hehehe...
  5. my bro bull, our members by d nick of BEER is SONGWEI rite? he selling his bike izit?
  6. not at d moment lah bro,mayb just rent 1st 4 a time being, get used to it 1st.. hmm, mayb shud buy TOTO i guess.. hahahaha..
  7. yo brader, u dint read the title eh? pass CL 3 dah dey... hahaha... me 2B- year 2000, 2A- year 2003, 2? mayb by dis year? who knows... hehehe..
  8. Yeehaaaaa!!!!!! Guys, good news! I passed my TP test!! Yeah!! Next wil be CL2, thn CL4, thn CL5, thn forklift, thn taxi, thn bus, thn aeroplane, thn MRT, thn wat else eh? Ohh, bull cart license!!! Hahaha...
  9. yup... sumtg like dat lah... eniwei, my pojek yet to start lah.. got no time lah,occupied with wrk n so on... guys, who else attending the 4th July event? jz feel up the attendance list k?
  10. Haloooooo............... i oso wane do the siggy lah... looks nice & superb!! represent our uniqueness as XJR-er... hmmmm.... who can do for me eh?
  11. Me & my wife want to extend our sincere invitation to members of Club XJR Singapore to a lunch & join us in celebrating the arrival of our first daughter, (1st XJR baby), Marissa Qaisara. Details as below :- Date : 4th July 2009 (Saturday) Time : From 1pm til 8pm. Location : Marsiling Rise Function will be held at Blk. 130 void deck. For those members who is coming, please confirm your attendance below :- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Need the confirmation from the members, so me & my wife can do the necessary preparation. Guys, hope to see you
  12. guys..... i need help... wat is valve clearance eh? when is the best time to do? how long it will take? how much? where can do? thanks guys.... chao....
  13. herry pinky? surprise, surprise!!! dat is cum out cum out where ever u are!!! but the headlight power bro... just a question out of curiosity.. y it must be in pink? hmmm... mayb i got the answer for my question.. how silly am i right? the answer is b'coz he wane be different, same like XJR, be different & unique!!! hahahaha.... btw bro bull, sori coz cant join u guys for outing lately, duee to sum commitment at home.. will be meeting u all guys real soon... ride safe, corner super deep deep.. chao guys!!!
  14. guys... sori dat i cant join u all for the trip... hopefully next time i wil be able to tag along.. enjoy ur ride guys.. may the force of XJR be with u all...
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