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  1. i wish its not a guy. lol~ u guys meeting when n where?
  2. yea thanks! i ytd oso saw a mac rider at yishun oso zoom here n there. they look like as if they will die even if slow by few secs.. i stay woodlands. i still not familiar wif sg road though. dun mind meeting up for kopi sessions too! u guys whack alot meaning wad? drag ur gear till high rpm??
  3. wa liddat valarie change so often. really beri rich! sry as i still new to krr. hope to get more advices from u guys! tml collection for my krr! happi over it!
  4. thanks for the help val! LAB is lim ah boy if im not wrong? hope that helps. correct me if i'm wrong. is ur clutch too loose hence it stopped?
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