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  1. is ur exhaust security bolts still avail

  2. im sure they not refering to tt back stabbed... -.-|| ok la forgive u... =p seriously wats all the commotions abt?!
  3. ok la guys, think stop the slut thing...else rossi angry ->dragon: u gd lo dun reply my sms ->to rest: my block was port too big, instead of gaining power think no power, got blow by dragon...so my port block is nth =)
  4. den ur sp not stock liao... oh well, i got to agree on tt...rossi got gf dun wan come out liao...
  5. has been like tt for the past week.... we went JB, i know u dun wan go so i didnt call u bro bo leh...think i saw u infront of me i got mine 3k, engine all spoilt...LoLx, gd luck to u finding 1...i strongly suggest u buy from person directly instead of shop + some1 who ride sp n know sp well to go wif u
  6. ystd i put penzoil in, when ride...suddenly felt so much smoother to throttle my innoncent little lamb like sudden came to life...O.O
  7. i think he mean dun touch his cai... O.o
  8. omfg...u just woke up, i wan slp cannot slp >.
  9. he safety like me la....lol =O chill.. to my knowledge, there are 2 kinds of brake...mechanical n hydralic...sp is using hyrdalic. How it works? upon applying pressure on brake lever, u are compressing the brake fluid inside the chamber->to the brake line->to the brake piston->brake pad push against the brake disc->friction created=ur bike slow down when release, the process reverse.... well, u can always try the 3rd type of brake....lower down ur 2 legs n rub against the tarmac...friction will be created too...LOLx... there is 1 more saying, zhao qi t
  10. k i moving off....likely will stay till 1-130am, interested party can drop me a sms....94319231, i'll be sitting infront the LAN shop beside shell
  11. mod...later is wat time? meet bfor 1130 im ok...cannot too late
  12. wld = woodland?? abit er...haha is simpang or sempang? at bedok there...
  13. rather bored, any1 keen to kopi at sempang?
  14. =p tt day i saw the ah neh shop at agl got DID...but didnt ask hw much
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