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  1. Much nicer Hornet 600 model than the old model......Ups for u man
  2. Ups my sale. Can PM me also, plus got a Scorpion header FS too
  3. Got an original header for sale, useful for inspection. Selling @ 80SGD [ATTACH=CONFIG]341099[/ATTACH]
  4. Wahhhh....reasonable price for a newly restored vintage racing bike.....worth the price
  5. Could also be carbon starter damage...............when press start switch, the meter light dim abit and no cranking sound.....
  6. Helibar is gd, but the most worth-while investment is ConvertiBar....but need extension on the brake & clutch hoses.....$$$$$ also more ex than Helibar
  7. so far does the engine die off when u ride for a short distance???? If YES: time to let the workshop to check on it. Might b coil gg to play a fool now, air-fuel ratio out very jialat etc... If NO: most likely the previous owner got the problem of EFI solved for u, but the ABS memory system is full & not deleted. So have to delete all the memory so that the light willnot be on.......to do it....remove the main fuse, on the bike, start the bike, off the bike, & finally put back the main fuse...wala...DONE
  8. Norman, tat day i mentioned to u abt raising the handlebar height on my VFR800 (Michael). The name is Convertibars, not Vertibars. My apologies...btw i juz came back from Port Dickson after tyre changed @ yr side. To ask u during riding up NSHW, my bike temp hovering ard 110-113 degC which i find is very very ABNORMAL. I now using yr Maxima Coolant, but is there any other brands tat u carry & allow me to try out.

  9. dear sir, can i ask u whether do u do brake oil flushing for VFR800 Gen6th model? My hose is Hel brake hose. Thank you....

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