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  1. hi bro. Can you email me at [email protected] i waould like to have chat with you. Im trying to do a cafe racer project too.

  2. Hey,

    I got it off ebay, just the plain metal shell, polished and chromed and recovered here in SG. this is the guy. but the seat is different.




  3. Hey,

    I got it off ebay, just the plain metal shell, polished and chromed and recovered here in SG. this is the guy. but the seat is different.




  4. bro mind if i ask where did you make your cafe racer seat?

  5. No fuel for foreign motorists within 50km of Malaysian borders KL moves to limit sales of subsidised fuel to non-citizens By Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief KUALA LUMPUR - FOREIGN-REGISTERED vehicles from Singapore and Thailand will not be allowed to buy petrol or diesel at stations within 50km of Malaysian borders, from as early as this Friday. The new ruling is intended to prevent foreign vehicles from entering Malaysia to buy the heavily-subsidised fuel. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad told The Straits Times that there would be no restriction
  6. from my research... $101.50 USD from the BMC website, no shipping to Asia... :-( UKP 59 no shipping to Singapore
  7. yeah check out http://www.racetaylormade.com/ here's a couple of ipc from the web... not sure I have any of mine, will have to get out there and clean it first! All this talk of PC's and dynos.... think I need a trip down to racewerks... :-)
  8. ok couple of things..... Taylormade make two pipes for our bikes, race and street. Mine is RACE really loud and over the top, it is little more than a straight pipe off the header. drops 12lbs and increases power by about 6bhp! woohoo cool! they also make he street version, drops about the same weight and almost the same power but is treet legal in the US. they guy I imported it with has two left, one race and one street. IM me if you want more info, PS: personally I love the pipe, looks farken great, and sounds awesome! but it is LOUD but mine is RACE... let me know if you want on
  9. We talked about gettnig the taylormade street version legalised but never did... Melvin may still have the spare one, if you're looking for a pipe? let me know if you want more info.
  10. At the moment one thing.... since I'm quite new to this, I've been trying to focus on one thing, lately it's been lines, I actively do this by removing other distractions like gears, I come into the corner slightly overgeared but it means I don't have to change down before the corner, and don't need to worry about having to change up during the corner, thus I can focus on one thing... this is something I picked out from "twist of the wrist" and the notion of only having $10 to expend on doing things, so I maximise the amount I have available for my focus point. oh and FAAARRRRKKKKK....
  11. singkiwi

    Ducati 1198s

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