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  1. Bro. I want rebuild my Ver S Showa Shocks. The right side the rubber thing that i think is called stopper or sealer broke already. Is that jia lat? Roughly how much and how long to service it ar? Many thanks...




    My tank is still 3/4 full and can make it to JB but x1r guy has only left less than 1/2 and he think cannot make it to JB.


    He ask to go off and he will wait for the tanker to come. Knowing Malaysian way of working I told him that I will follow him behind. He than left and I followed.


    As he wanted to conserve fuel he rode at around 80 to 90km/hr on the left lane. Kup kia and lorries overtake him on his left and right. I than overtake him and signal that he follow me to ride on the shoulder as his speed is slow.


    Just before Kului exit I stopped and find how his fuel situation. His tank is almost empty. We decided to exit to Kului and pump, when we reach the petrol station he only left 200ml of petrol(0.2litre)left.


    We left for JB via NSHW and I parted with him at Caltex, my tank is still full and I then go through custom.


    Wah!! Also quite cia lat ley for u guys... Lucky u not in a rush and so nice to travel with him... Or the poor x1r guy has to travel at that slow speed alone!:pity: Saw you guys on my way back again, on the the road shoulder, tot u waited for the tanker.. and 200ml of petrol left ar? wah lau way.. at first tot I was experiencing the worst petrol shortage but then met asan k8 and tot he was worse and then u tell me bout x1r guy...:slapforehead: Guess everyone got outstanding, suay, bad petrol experience story, etc..etc..etc.. to tell from this trip! But most importantly, we all managed to reach home in one piece! :thumb::cheers: KUDOS!

  3. racingter! whats the thing with the blue and red flashing light on ur bike called ar? cool ar.. and useful too..


    burhan, u reach home early.... shiok mahz... i was microsleeping all the way home... AHAHAHAHA.... but the accident really shook me up....

    wah!! No wonder I got shot during PAINball! Maybe u were microsleeping too! but actually ar, on the way back, before we stop and the rest decided to turn back, I was too! hehe. Probably the 2 coney doggs...


    Glad u enjoyed the trip dude. At least u have a momento of paintball.

    All the best for ur NS armyboy!


    Not army la.. I go police.. So, no chan to hold real rifle...

  4. hehe then how to say huh?


    Say huat ar! *half dead* la...



    lao_uncle and the x1r guy, how long then the oil tanker came at pagoh ar? I went into some kampong area in Machap and explore to look for petrol sia! Basket! Name only petrol kiosk but then no petrol! nab*y...


    some pix i took while riding before my cam batt goes flat... ah gui.. I wasnt texting on the fone while riding la... was taking these..




  5. Guys back safely yesterday night though I had to leave on my own... Got sth on at home... SO, cant be hero and come back at the accident scene with the rest... Haiya.. Wasted...damn beat yesterday and now aches all over! BUT! Nevertheless, I had fun with the rest of the group. Everyone was so friendly and bubbly. Made the trip more enjoyable. My arm still hurts... and yes... Im still looking for the girl.. To claim my A&W. Anyone see her, contact me! Haha! But I gotta admit, the best part of the whole trip is the A&W!! haha! Too bad didnt beat Zamani's record. Only spent RM20... haha. to the Super 4 girl, Sorry to hear bout the accident, Hope you recover fast!! Dont let this stop you from touring in the future!!

    Thanks Zamani and Racingter and the rest of the team that let this trip happened!!

  6. Meet up at:GP petronas.

    Time:0900 hrs


    Move out:0915 hrs


    Organiser:racingter and zamani.

    Interested personnel,




    3.Pigsmu (super 4)

    4.Deanz4 + partner (FJR)

    5.Mal(?) *pending*

    6.Pplater (new machine... )

    7.s4^dreamer (Super 4)

    8.Guolong (Super 4)


    10.bornfree (ST1100)

    11.burhan (S4)








    Come on.Test ur Saf skill in the paint Ball war at melaka,after that hungry still got makan!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wahh... so fun...though its raining and my passport and feets are soaking wet! (but no smell worr...(: ) first time and i wanna go for more... Hope I don get addicted to this...Many Thanks to all the other 22 rider and 6 pillions! Made the start of my long distance riding experience a memorable and awesome one. Hope to see you guys again!! and don forget to share pictures horr......

  8. If he pays for your ticket, then you should pay for the popcorn or nachos combo then...


    True.... Maybe can use that too? haha


    same herre... Havent watch Ironman yet too! Maybe can get a few chatterz from herre to watch together? Any takers?

  9. I dont know if anyone came up with this topic before or not...

    If done already, don flame me hor...


    Im a movie junky/addict/siao.

    Just wondering anyone out there right here has the same 'disorder'

    I can watch any sort of movie anytime, anywhere regardless with or without company, cinema or not, day or night even movie marathon alone sometimes.

    Anyone who share the same interest as me please tell me...

    Don worry. I aint no chee-ko-pek. Just too madly in love with movies and don wanna die watching movies alone. Hah!


    PS: Popcorn not included

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