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  1. M technik at Paya Ubi has been dealing with bikes and adventure touring accessories as long as i know... unless they indeed decided to do something out of the ordinary...
  2. Hi leliohead,


    I love the GS!! Are you looking for one too??


    Honestly i would have to see your face before i can remeber who exactly you are but i am glad you could still remember me and recognise the Avatar!!


    We do our weekly LKS still at Lavender so join us if you are keen. Good to catch up with good mates!!



    With regards,




  3. Hi Fir-Chan,


    FRom FAzer group right ? Was wondering ard in BM section looking for info when i remember ur avartar..

    Hows e GS ?

    Sorry for the abrupt re-intro, i only join a few times of la kopi @ lavender and a trip to Renggit Lobster :)

  4. Been trying to reach you.


    I managed to get your mobile and have sent you an sms!


    Ride soon!

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