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  1. I had the same problem. Realized the reason only after i read the top few post in garage sales section. You'll need to have at least 50 post in order to post in garage sales section.
  2. Singapore weather is too erratic to be predicted accurately, unlike the states. Nevertheless [email protected] does serve as a good guide.
  3. is there such arcade in east coast park? where?
  4. I have encountered many bikers who lane split but yet remained the same speed as the cars, causing a jam for other bikers. If you want to cruise with the traffic, do keep in lane.
  5. Unique seafood at turf, Melben at AMK/TPY, No signboard seafood, Jumbo, JB Seafood places.
  6. you can try finsonline or scubbudies
  7. There are diff requirements for different platforms and account types. Can try CMCmarkets or SAXO. SAXO requires 5000 for normal account
  8. we should have a website for vendors to update their locations
  9. yeah cats are problematic in carparks especially when they refuse to leave
  10. the last time i went to the old changi hosp, there was a cleaner sleeping [email protected]!
  11. baccarat is quite an easy game to play.
  12. jt79

    Scuba Diving

    has anyone dive in bahamas? any operators to recommend?
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