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  1. better for u to join minerva events ... here is not so active anymre
  2. Do they do up the bike as well? i have a 695 and due to freshen up the look. all my parts are still original, but fade off and slight rusty handle....
  3. struggling tonget legal akra for my 695 monster.....
  4. Will PM for group chat. Actually due ins and doing major service.8
  5. HI ALL, I have faced a problem which all bikes faced for a long time. Recently i moved to Bukit Merah Area and suddenly, last week when activating my rear brake, the caliper came off... to my surprise because i just had it serviced at HKL and all is properly fixed. So, someone is trying to setal my rear brembo. (BTW i ride a 695) Anyway I can buy any lock for the caliper?? I think even covering the bikes does not make sense becaise u got to open the cover and bring it up and come down again to ride as I ride it almost daily to work.
  6. hi guys, looking for Termi exhuast and the ecu upgrade for M695. Anyone selling?
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