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  1. hey there, may i ask if this group will accept any class rider? im about to get a class 2B licence and bike was looking for a group of bikers to join for roundings. cheers!

  2. heya bro! May I ask where u get the projector beam lights for your R125? can sms me? My number is 90127775

  3. Hey bro, just wanna ask you, how much did you get it for otr and where did you get it from?

  4. bro,please post more pics of ur bike.email 2 me is better.[email protected] .planning to buy the bike.tq

  5. Hi foxie, can u please give me some info on yzf r125?

    email to [email protected] please. ty!



  6. hi foxie 77. i'm from indonesia. can u help me. i nak cari part full body fiber yzf 125 from fairing sampai rear fender. i dah cari di seluruh indonesia tapi tak dapat temu dimana nak beli. i hope u can help e, please.....

    how much the price.

    this my mobile phone number

    (+62) 852 5032 7948


    thank you....

  7. hey i wanna ask how much does a r125 cost for first and 2nd hand?

  8. Hi bro,u staying in the west ? Nice R125..saw it parked at a cp in J.w some time back =D

  9. Hi Foxie,


    I thought the R125 wasn't in the market yet!! I saw it in the showroom a month back and they said it was still under testing. May I know where ya got it? and how much it got it for? really searching high and low for this info...


    Cheers Bro,


  10. yea i was =) u are? I see many kids hanging around in the MSCP, scary sia...

  11. hey foxie....were you polishing your bike last night at a multi-storey carpark?

  12. hi foxie...how's my offer...is it good or bad??? i really don't know... reply k..lol

  13. is tis the way to PM??? hahahah... whateva it is, 98608121 is my contact k...LOL

  14. hey bro, u own a R125? do u mind messaging me at 81706304, i would like to ask a few questions abt d bike.. n u guys hav a club?

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