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  1. if i still recall you started the sms u;go ayer keroh for wat? me:for a&w and for fun u:tebrau have wat? me:that one near not called touring. just want to to know the feeling of reachin mid point to kl on bike.. u:any photos? me; too tired to take then all was silent so i post on sbf and ayed shared his views which u repled since u were askin if i was bein sarkastic to u i take u sarkastic too... tryin to get back at me about the past which u confronted me on the phone for bikes asia thingy..
  2. people if bull and i have any problems between us is not to be interfered by empty vassels...who dont know a thing... me for using this thread to mediate any mis understanding is to keep everything transparent..so just read...dont try to rub more salt... bull you said throwin sarcasm at you and below is the msg after editing everybody is entitled to their own opinions with regards to e side farings,accessories and customisations. I personally hoped That U've been there personally, to planet or sin boon & not just blank recomendations. And, I hope u can back up with what wa
  3. that was never what i read from the smses in my phone....too bad they dont read it...when reflected in forums is alredy differently typed wat...
  4. wat ever lah hor....every thing i do or say is wrong to u mah...izzac go ayer keroh for joy ride eat A&W is stupid to u also wat...well up to u lah... pull out is better than stay lah...no point arguin just to come to terms/decision every day n time...
  5. well items fixed is up to personnal tolerance wat bro i just feel that way about the side fairings not comndemmin any one wat... ya i know your expensive experience at yuh loong too and we've all discussed abt dat shop since this club was created wat long time leow.. practically your bike is set up for performance all the way down to short pistons rite?(correct me if im wrong) when you send to yuh loong te mech practically changed every thing to stock...even your knn filter they we both got from sin boon together...??? to me original parts is as long as its part # tally to my bike ,yama
  6. price is quite cheap..well make sure no leaks and good riding condition.. for accessories got many but tang bra out of question.maybe only moto world have but alternatively United Kingdom xjr club lor... side fairing need to modify(brackets) but will look like taxi S4 leh... Belly pan for xjr is pointed at front wheel side leh..as for mechanic im confident about sin boon & planet..But be ware of 1 mechanic which dare to tell the bike valve bend...as a precision engineer harden parts never bend they are brittle when hardened (eg:carbide)so they break or shatter...my friend ever kena so
  7. For new XJR owners~ Hello & Welcome onboard to the Club Yamaha XJR 400/ 1300 Singapore. There have been a flurry of new riders here at the Forum. Nice to see the forum filled with bike qns & updates. You are thus co-ordially invited to attend the meet-ups in Feb 09 to mingle around with the members & know more info & sharing on our rare & unique Yamaha XJR. Hope to see you guys there! Remember to "B Different, B Unique, B a XJRer!' Interested, new XJRers, pls PM/SMS Bull aka xjrredbull your contact numbers to facilitate any eleventh minute changes to venue or time &a
  8. for xjr4 should be about 12k below lah..if not wrong lah...but if lucky got lelong 9k brand new can get lah...my ex work friend was quoted 9k by heng moto boss leh..too bad he is boss friend lah...for 1300xjr i think asp is givin good prices mah...never ask b4 leh
  9. message was passed down lah bro..i have my own sources lah...good if you know its ex lah...the mech there is ultimately against mods...2 good mechs commendable is maybe planet(ubi) or sin boon(yishun)price also reasonable...original sprockets n chain for xjr is italian brand and many charge 220-240..sin boon/ahboy price is 120-140..original some more..sin boon has served many big bikes and comments r also superb..honestly sin boon is where i learnt that xjr use s4 versS knn air filter.. some plug n play parts like rectifier,speedo sensor all i can diy..just changed my carb rubber joint also
  10. yup the exact words from yuh loong mech and some other mechs say same also..
  11. practically no need change spark plug every eo change coz it can last at least 3 years or minimum 10000km or which ever comes first.. many senior citizen riders ride at 5000km and change(keep privious ones for washing to reuse)
  12. u r right but s4 n bandit e circulate at sump.unlike xjr it circulates thru radiator and engine cooling system too.. hehehe... now my gear shaft covers leak oil leh...ask leow need to overhaul.. chialat..atleast 1200sgd leh...mampos... hope dat strike d4 for this service..buahaha
  13. Further about engine oil. My experience so far is this. There 2 groups of engine oil. 1. Feel very smooth at the beginning, then slowly will feel rough. 2. Very rough at the beginning, then slowly will feel very smooth. You guys experience the same thing???? personaly i think its our clutch system lah...Yamaha can give you high end top performance engines but in xjr the weakness is the clutch n gear system..our eo is a cooler too so my observation is the gear n clutch system is not soaked in oil sump properly when bike is on or ridden..you can notice this diff when you compare
  14. Bro Happy125 seems like your alternator keep goin down on you.. Izzit water from rainin riding? Ha ha, ya loh. Is it the rain?????? May be its time to change new one, but bloody expensive.... Its a 2002 model, 7 yrs already. Or may be time to change bike!!!!!!!!! FJR????????? Hehe...fancy hering that frm u....with fjr you wont be feelin the wind anymore..just the road,the bike & u..
  15. hello to new members very warm wellcome and a good new start with party season ending with CNY..BEER1860 safe journey up north ok and to all chinese members Gong xi fa cai(hong pow na lai) Really need to have all xjrs trp up north.. Lets all gather and plan.. This will be great to c... But for now my ride gotta lay low from north hehe...up till march by then full throttle again leow... New Year New Beginings... Bro Happy125 seems like your alternator keep goin down on you.. Izzit water from rainin riding?
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