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  2. aiyo we couple wear yesterday ar bosss

  3. aiyo.. haha..red shirt wor.. yesterday.. lol

  4. oo go there need to have the suit then allowed to use the track ? how much have to pay to go in ? haha im sure its fun out there
  5. wao ression... hope it does not effect us ..
  6. hmmm will keep a look out .. tis is a photo i saw on the forum thought it might be intersting http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj304/sypx/Singapore20101.jpg i saw the news today that the goverment is giving a rebat on taxes ... but nothing towards the vehical area .. the goverment oso said that they are encouraging singaporean to take public transport .. just my 2 cents point of view .. if the goverment really wanna encourage public transport y izit there any decrease in the bus taxi and mrt fare .. oso i don see any of our minister taking public transport to work or the prime mini
  7. lol .. i didnt noe it was him .. so ethan wat happening now for u ?
  8. storm i think i oso saw you izit ? i look at you u oso look at me right? ..
  9. hey hey guys happy happy new year to all .. hope the year of the rats will bring us all good luck and proprest .. ride fun guys ..
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