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  1. hi boss pls give me a quote (any GSS promo?) for LV aluminium with security bolt. riding spec 1. can pay by DBS 0% 6 months installment rite? ty
  2. wa u guys fc vary so much de... hmm guess i'll stick to my wave for the time being... fc quite good minimum 45km/l jus need to pump petrol on alternate days... quite troublesome
  3. hi bro very impressive stats! ur bike got any performance/engine mod to achieve tat fc? i can't agree more on the goods looks factor too! thanks!
  4. hi cbr 150 riders check with yall on average how's ur bike fc? i heard it's about 40-45km/l? is it true? if it is tat's fantastic!
  5. hi guys anyone know where to get honda wave 110 basket (centre & front) in Sg? it's different from wave 125 so very hard to find... ah boy also dun have... if not jb where hav? confirmed places that dun have: Tampines industrial estate bike shops, LAB Thanks!
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