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  1. Shoei RF-1000, XR-1000 Model: Badge 2 Colour: Matt Black/Grey Used less than 10 times. Been kept in the store room for 99% of its life. Purchased in 2015. Condition 9/10 Items stacked on the helmet made the matt paintwork flatten and stuck onto helmet bag. Not for fussy buyers. Top part paintwork not perfect. No chips no cracks, just top coat not nice. If you know how to restore matt paint then it will be 100% same as brand new. Look clearly at pictures please. Price: $280 SGD (no low ballers). Purchased 1st hand at almost $700. Contact me at 81820810 AIM Shell (Advanced Inte
  2. Hey, sorry...


    I cannot promise you that I will have any helmets by that time.


    My helmets usually sell out in a just a few days...


    Hope you understand my situation...



    Anyway, do you know this shop in bangkok?




    i am looking at buying some things from them...

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