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  1. Immaculate condition. Kept under shelter and bike cover when not in use. Washed and cleaned regularly to maintain showroom shine. Serviced regularly at Bike Harbour (Raymond) Model: Ducati Monster S4R S Testastretta Registration Year: 2008 COE: December 2027 Mileage: 33,800km Capacity: 998cc Power: 130 hp Torque: 104 Nm Full Ohlins suspension Parts: Oberon bar end mirrors Zero Gravity smoked wind shield Ohlins steering damper Ducati Performance clutch pressure plate Pazzo gold anodized adjustable brake and clutch levers Tail tidy Carbon fibre radiator fairing 2010 Ducat
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know if Raymond is still operating? Is his shop still in Eunos or has he moved?
  3. Hey,


    You still looking for a Ducati Monster 400? I'm looking to sell mine soon. Interested?



  4. The last time I sent to Michael for servicing, I had to go back to him twice cos electricals were not working. First one was starter switch was not even working. Apparently the wires connecting to the switch were broken at the point where the handle turns just behind the forks. Michael (and even Raymond) says this is an inherent problem with the bike cos of the handles turning and turning, the wires are bent and eventually snap. Michael had to cut open the harness to connect the wires back and then wrap it back with black tape. Its a temp solution and also unsightly so thats why I'm asking
  5. Hey all, Quick one. I'm looking to replace the wiring harness on my bike. Is ebay a good place? What are my options? Most of the harnesses sold on ebay are for 620s. Can it fit a 400? Thanks guys!
  6. Hey guys, Know where I can get CRG levers other than online? Gonna embark on my refresh project soon. Prob this sat. Going to get Raymond to do the job.
  7. So you saying that powdercoating is the only thing i have to do myself? Can't the shop just handle everything? How about the spray painting? Are Michael and Raymond the only ones? I know they are the foremost experts on the bike so stripping the bike should be a breeze for them. But is there anyone else too or are they my only two options? I feel so incomplete riding my bike now knowing its not at its best condition. Damn it.
  8. Yeah I know. But Michael kinda made a hash of things when I sent the bike to him to service. Petrol leaked from the tank and it ate into the lacquer and you can see a green streak fade on the tank. Also the seat cowl had a small crack before but now its become bigger and had to take it out just to be safe. Also after I got it back from Micheal. Very disappointed after getting the bike back from Micheal. He has good intentions but I was not happy with the condition of the bike when I got it back. Had to go back to him a couple of more times becos the indicator lights and the IU unit were
  9. Hi guys, I need some help and info. Hope u guys can help me out. I plan to do some major facelifting to my M400. (easy2findme: you should know what bike!) I want to do the following: 1) Powdercoat the frame 2) Spray and touch up all other plastics, tank and seat cowl 3) Tidy all wiring/cable/harness nicely 4) Install some new parts I have ordered online (clip-on handles, grips, etc) This is prob gonna be a big job and stripping of the bike is definitely needed. I did the same thing for my previous bike so I know shops/mechs can do it. (Though it was a 2B scrambler and thus easier
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