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  1. hi there, i m considering of getting a xjr4, realised upon viewing one realised it comes only with a side stand. So was wondering if its possible to install a centre stand, eg. like does the frame has a bracket on which u can fix on the centre stand to?
  2. wah bro u serious wanna sell off already ah? well all the best.
  3. i think HKL shld have it. Yoshi if i m not mistaken.
  4. Hi guys i checked with u timing chain loose n clutch housing loose is this a common problem for old xjr 400? Jus to confirm timing chain loose : when from idleing u throttle up to RPM 4-5 for a sec u hear rattling sound before its smooth n when u close throttle from RPM 4-5 in neutral gear also u hear a rattling sound for a sec b4 its smooth is tht timing chain loose which is creatin tht rattling sound for a sec? Clutch housing loose wld be when u clutch in the engine sounds more pleasent n smooth when u clutch out the engine noisy n is irritating?
  5. ya of cos they do take in but anyway jus wondering can parts be easily found or have to go to HL? or any other overseas contacts?
  6. hi guys... does anyone knows wats the trade in value for a FP plate (the lowest possible). 2nd hand parts easy to find?
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