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  1. That looks pretty good for a phantom! Got the vincent feel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Good taste! Hahaha. With that I'm sure the gn125 will turn out fine... ...if you've got the cash
  3. No leh if im not wrong they airbrush. Hahaha. I think cheaper for you to get a new cg tank sia.
  4. Nice bro you're the new owner? Hahaha. The elsinore dommies were part of the design brief. Wanted to get those bajadesign headlights but never got a chance to. And for the record, I hated the paintjob too lol. They were done by the guys who used to share shop space with VCS. Still can charge me $400 to paint a cg tank zzz. Better luck coming up with the design ourselves next time instead of leaving it to them. (He claims those are supposedly tyre thread marks btw hahaha)
  5. Whuuuut just cos I miss some outings now got wa group liao? Hahaha
  6. 1) Different schools of thought. Ultimately up to vehicle inspector's own discretion. 2) Handlebar, mirrors, paintjob. I guess nothing illegal here. 3) Handlebar ($100), mirrors ($20), paintjob (ranging from $5 rattlecan to $300 spray shop)
  7. Poor guy gonna ride in fear after reading all these comments hahaha
  8. Hi guys thanks for replying. My bike is a cbx750. No issues with the electricals, but too many stray wires that serve no purpose. So its not so much of buying a new harness and plug & play. Thanks.
  9. Whoa looks like a production motorcycle damn
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