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  1. How much u intend to sell??

  2. BrO logen, by any chances u have spec 3 fork brace, belly pan for spec 3, CnC clutch brake lever u are selling?? Cause I Am looking for this few item.

  3. Bro , ii see your post on 125z , do you remember where you get your New Block , Piston , Piston Ring including gasket and labout @ S$220.

  4. slamat malam sume aku da nak alik tido c u agi 02 hari. apa2 msg hp je.
  5. enjoy yesterday bro, new tyre juz changed shiok... to bad abg dd not there if not more shiok ah....
  6. it ok bro no harm done.. abg din tak da macam mana nak ajak. tapi saya ada jugak suruh sham aka MSF7 try. hmm punya lah main mcm rasa nte eeeeee:P kalau leh sunday ah abg dd kita g. me 80% confirm slamat malam abg din66 Aku biasa juga Cisco. btw kau da biasa panggil sofi panggil sofi je tak yah ayie2 unles arg baru kenal aku ah. hehehe :angel pegi ah. pls2:(
  7. oh ok thanks bro for ur xplanation. kalau gitu kena tunggu ah pai da 20 aru leh dpt baju. hmmm
  8. WTF!!! loss to barnsley. haizzzzzz they reali suck this time.. this show our reserve is nt up to standard compare to other team eg manu, arsenal. Benitezzz wake up ur Bloody Idea man. :angry:
  9. bro dis sunday come down ah. be going 2 wif sham and some others 2.
  10. can make 1 go toilet je. btw u still got strength ah to do movie after 1 tiring day.? my eyes like got glue like dat now. waitng to go 4 my rest je. not for 600 lah...any cc bike oso can..come come join...the more the merrier. errrr...did we meet jus now??? hehehe anyway i hope the track will be open on the 24th lah. check website its open. so most likely open rite??? dis 1 nt sure. never go practise b4. My 02 trip to Pg all Trackday.
  11. yup bro . taking care of Ops rm can surg internet enjoy the aircon got Movie summore American gangster. hehehe. :angel:
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