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  1. @JJBuBBle no no.. I’m not using the pro.. I’m using the pro racing, it’s the highest spec of the 3 different versions for tmax.. which is limited production and no longer available in the market! the best for my Max..!! Haha Manual says change at 20k km.. EO depends on individual, I personally change EO at 3k km.. so it’s about 7 EO changes to a full cvt belt and rollers change..
  2. Mine is special Pro Racing. Limited production. Only the best for my ride.. haha 560 had a totally different clutch, CVT and engine.. not sure if anyone tried before.. but clutch plates are interchangeable.. in fact, 560 friction plates have over write 530 part numbers as they are the improved version..
  3. Changed as a set.. belt, rollers and cleaning.. I changed clutch once when I switched to Jcosta housing before my solo Thailand trip. Many tmax had experienced clutch slip thus they changed their clutch plates as early as about 10k plus.. but possible to last quite long as much as 20-30k km.. new clutch plates (560 ones) have more friction plates and comes thicker..
  4. On manual is 20k km already changed 3 times on my Tmax.. not yet on Xmax..
  5. I never own a chain driven class 2 bike before.. to me, after riding so many years.. I would want a less dirty alternative.. but the drive belt isn’t cheap.. it’s about $300 and if u dun adjust it properly, it will wear out prematurely.. I’ll cover this topic later in the FAQ thread.. but I’ll do a quick breakdown here: Xmax cvt change: about $100 for the vbelt, u clips and rollers. tmax cvt change: about $200 for the same items. I own both Xmax and Tmax.. all I can say is tmax maintenance costs is not just double of Xmax..
  6. Thanks for the additional , will be editing it as I go along. I might delete your post to make this FAQ neater but will definitely credit you for this contribution.. thanks once again..
  7. I took my Tmax to Phuket with just a tunnel bag of clothes.. Xmax definitely have more than enough space.. Underseat was all tools and spares.. to me, that should be the way to pack.. when I go Golden Triangle or China, i'll just add a tail bag.. Travel light is way to go..
  8. I heard using this seat will reduce the underseat storage space.. it's considered cheap.. I wanna buy Tmax one.. but it's $800++..
  9. I’m riding both Tmax and Xmax.. I’m 185 and cannot flat feet on ground for both bikes if I sit all the way back.. not really issue for both bikes as they are light weight compared to touring bikes.. rode FJR, even I can flat foot; I can’t tahan the weight.. Need to get used to the bike.. dun be turned off becuz of this issue..
  10. only small groups of 5 or less.. following govt law.. i can poison u to buy Tmax!! haha..
  11. Brakes Often or not, when it comes it modification, a lot people neglected the brakes. In this post, I'll elaborate a bit on how to improve your brakes on Tmax. Stainless steel brakehoses One of the easiest upgrade to have a better feel. Most Japanese bikes still comes with rubber hoses from factory to keep the manufacture costs down. These hoses based on manual are to replace every 4 years. I personally replaced them at 3 years' mark, I take it as an upgrade together with replacement. There's no meaning to replace them back to factory rubber hoses. being said that many Tmax out
  12. Introduction Currently Tmax is in his 7th generation with 560 coming into the market early 2020. Tmax is one of the most popular since its debut in 2000. Through out the years, Tmax had seen various upgrades from engine capacity, drive train, transmission and outlook. Tmax remains till date, one of the most popular maxi scooter in the market. Tmax is amazing in handling in its class due to its shorter wheelbase compared to the rest of the maxi scooters. However, earlier models suffered a loss of compartmental space due to the positioning of the rear suspension. In 2017, the introduc
  13. that day saw you at Yishun ma.. kopi soon!!!
  14. Good is one thing. Knowing how to do it properly is another.. many recommended it as they didn’t know of a better place.. I trust my bike to myself.. there’s things where can’t be discussed online..
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