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  1. Dear moderator, i would like to share my business/services with the forum people. pls advice how to go abt doing it. im dealing with car batteries, and accesorries.

  2. hi, how can i remove all my older photos in attachment section?

  3. Very informative posts, thanks

  4. Hey john its me ashraf the paramedic from SCDF. If COI how much will it be monthly? Im quiet interested in the bike. LOL

  5. bonjour j aimerais savoir comment faire une recherche de pieces pour honda pacific 800 ?? merci

  6. hi john, wat triple tree recommended for drz400sm?

  7. hie bro.. what are the things that i got to do to be able to post a thread in the sales section?


  8. bro, any tips on getting a DRZ?

  9. Sorry Sir, I beg to differ.. Inline 4, the 2 inner and 2 outer movements in unison.. therefore, firing should be every 2 strokes?? Correct me if i'm wrong..
  10. I got read rules and regulations one.. KC: send me your email.. Once I can invite, I'll send you.. Google seems to be turning on and off the invites for now.. It's still a ghost town there until they offically release it, I supposed..
  11. Have you gotten your invite yet??
  12. Braking and Brembo never fails me..
  13. what purpose you using it for..? Plastic washers are used mainly for non-stress points like covers and fairings on bike, to protect the paint from the rotating bolt.. try simlim or normal hardware stores, they should have them..
  14. I would most likely sell it end of the year if i cant sell my bike as a whole.. ride with the stock carb and get use to the bike first.. i changed to FCR only after almost 2 years of owning DRZ.. Please do not buy other FCRs other than from Thumpertalk.. they are cheaper, but in the end, you spend more money on tuning/setting and fuel because of a compatible FCR instead of one that specifically made for DRZ!
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