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  1. haha.. now only can smell.. go for petrol, my DRZ boh hua.. using stock tank now.. for supper maybe.. when??
  2. i tot rack comes in black colour? i crash by one of the S10 outings..
  3. there are a few places selling these items.. but if you are buying a lot, it's good to buy over the internet shops than the shops here.. you can save some money for online purchases but the thing is you needa wait for it to arrive.. for FOX and Troy Lee Designs, you can try Xtreme Rated.. but most Thor, Fox products are cheaper online.. Enjoy your shopping..
  4. Plastic then just spray or stickers.. IMO, one time spray and powdercoat.. for DIY spraying, preparation is very important.. sand from rough to smooth.. then spray many thin layers.. if you need me to help.. let me know.. just buy your sandpaper and spray, i do for you FOC.. just let me caress your S10!!!
  5. go for powdercoating.. it'll last much longer than spraying.. but must clean your parts first before sending them in.. as long as it's metal, can powdercoat.. exhaust guard is plastic or metal? -------------------------------------------- The details you requested.. Deed Co Technologies, 65 Defu Lane 12 (S)539149 powdercoating process takes abt 3-4days.. it's very cheap compared to spraying!! that time i PC-ed my swingarm, triple clamps with a couple of other stuffs.. paid the bangla $50 + $10 tips for all the items.. just rem to clean all your parts properly before
  6. my bad.. didnt notice the "rear".. there's a thread somewhere (AUS/US) that has S10 mount on some various setups (all views).. 30L with 40L explorers, both 40L, both 30L and with other brands of cases, etc.. i may have saved it on my mac at home.. will try to find and post here..
  7. i think my trees got fruits.. Google is my best friend.. http://www.off-the-road.de/out/pictures/z4/xplorer_koffer_schwarz_pannier_xt1200_super_tenere_web_z4.jpg TOP BOX mounted at passenger seat.. Both boxes 30L http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f292/pinglow/PIC108.jpg TOP BOX mounted behind paseenger seat.. Both boxes 40L http://lh6.ggpht.com/_EGL9dNcNRzY/S_2p-vqKraI/AAAAAAAABPU/LTwUZ2NgYjQ/P1010044.JPG
  8. bring back by train is the cheapest.. but KTM closing liao.. how?? the last time i brought my Super4 back from Ipoh costs abt SGD70.. waited 5days.. costs depends on bike capacity..
  9. Hock: you using black explorer right?? your hinge when open and close box got creaking sound..? i saw that they originally applied some grease on the hinges..
  10. I've checked with H&B.. they would not be releasing any side racks that can fit aftermarket exhaust.. guess SW Motech is the one.. I've also request Samco dealer to check if they can make a set of coolant hoses.. will update if we can get any group discount..
  11. I use S100 products.. works wonders.. just using the wheel cleaner as degreaser and it's chain wax.. shampoo just use any brand will do.. i dun wax my bike.. i also do not do finishing, did actually bought a S100 detailer spray but misplaced it.. here's my chain and rear wheel area after cleaning.. Had yet to try Muc Off products.. but might be buying them for my MTB.. nothing beats the satisfaction of cleaning your own bike..
  12. best to use tinting films or opaque stickers.. at least it's reversible..
  13. of cuz you need to check on your new bike.. that bike had been sitting there for god knows how long since it's finished its assembly and shipped in from Japan.. do the necessary first, the loctite and regreasing if you can do it.. then the protection parts..
  14. S100 chain lube bought from biketech.. my bike's chain after using S100 degreaser, and lubed with S100 chain lube.. minimal fling but kept your chain lubed.. one of the best lubes i've used after so many years of riding..
  15. you dun need to fork out any money to override the clutch safety mechanism.. it's as easy just plucking out some connectors and bypassing them, 2mins job.. the new cf tip full systems is good.. sounds good as yoshi.. just that it's not titanium.. quality of stainless steel header of LV beats the rest..
  16. maybe driver is that 7 year old kid that drives a Pontiac in US.. came to SG and forget that here is right hand drive.. haha.. i'll freak out if i ever see a car going against traffic on expressways.. going against traffic is even taught in school circuit, when i doing my class2 revision, i got a shock after a bend when i see a L car driving towards me..!! sch one somemore!!
  17. my guess is rider problem.. my first few days of motard is also like this.. you can try adjusting the clutch and throttle free play.. or use the current settings but rev more when moving off.. try to get use to the clutch and it'll be ok.. Cheaper than $1880, i cant promise a definite price, but i can bring you to one of the advertiser to ask.. it's with installation.. prepare $1880, you might get more than just a Yoshi full system with the price or maybe you will use less than $1880..
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  19. RIP Friend.... You'll be missed...

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