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    From the album: Supermoto

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    From the album: Supermoto

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    From the album: Supermoto

  4. that's what i think also.. i've been using it for a yr without any problem.. I DIY both bikes.. thanks for the advise..
  5. anyone had any problems with rectifer and battery after fitting??? I've been using it for almost a yr without any problems, but when i dismantle it and fix on my friend's one, his rectifer and battery gone case.. any info?? thanks..
  6. Thailand also has these bike-taxis.. but in SG very hard to get them approve and registered as SG's public transport is very good, in fact IMO best in Asia..
  7. http://www.suzukicycles.com/images/ProductImages/logo/500/GSF1250SAK8.jpg Anyone knows the OTR of this bike? Heard that it's machine price is at S$15K. very worth it for a CL2 bike.. compared to FJR and STX, it's very much cheaper(almost S$10K).. Accessories of this bike seems to have a lot too..
  8. at S$29K, you can buy a brand new Kelisa with lots of mods.. or a OPC Suzuki Swift.. totally thunderous bike.. saw on OTR few days ago..
  9. muz wait till someone to prove that it's useful loh.. Ouch.. anyway, no one really know what will happen during a accident, some rider okay, bike total lost.. some bike prefectly alright, rider dead.. all these are just to protect.. i will recommend axle sliders from Motovation too, tested and proven on my left side..
  10. oh.. will go check out.. Suzukis are good these days.. FI means a more precise way to tune your bike using dynojet.. anyway, IMO, if wanna buy Revo, buy the non-ABS, Boldor version..
  11. thanks for the info.. my cats are at their usual selves.. erm.. on paper, a sterlised cat will be more tamed, less active right?? back to their usual selves, they are more active, just learnt how to jump on the sink, washing machine.. and they do ate a lot more than before.. and both of them know how to ask for food when hungry.. my wife found a amazing clip on cat.. tried it on my cats, and it really amazed us.. cats are pretty much a very balanced animal.. disclaimer: no harm was done to the cats during the act, proper usage/precaution of masking tape is taken..
  12. the buldge is most prob the ABS modulator.. see the pics.. the console for Boldor version looks very nice.. ABS doesnt really means better.. i think it'll costs more to change to steelbraided lines.. good thing that it comes with non-ABS versions too.. i think can install endcan as it maybe a slip on with a cover.. looks like it when you go thru the pics.. must go Looi's look look liao.. which Suzuki 1250cc costs only 15k?? most CL2 bikes costs at least 18K above including a 600cc scooter..
  13. waited so long.. very nice set up.. muz really see all boxes in action.. too bad sold mine away liao.. gonna use saddle bags in future.. or save up and customise same as you.. with your permission and advice of cuz.. anyway, just notice you didnt use your suspension as a mounting.. maybe can consider that for more stability? meet up someday to see your full setup with boxes..
  14. you are fast!! ay Hatyai or already further up?? enjoy your trip.. it's cold up north, just flew back few days ago..
  15. google or yahoo search is your best friend.. anyways, had searched for you.. just click the LINK.. AMK Autopoint.. and it's not exactly a motorshop.. it deals with mainly stainless steel mods for your bike but comes with a price.. look for William..
  16. got everything except the brake pads, cuz out of stock.. very good braking.. but good braking system need to pair with a good right hand too.. have the following for sales for improving brake system: Venhill brakelines 929 16mm brakepump
  17. still must do nice nice to sell.. a lot of new items added to the bike.. but currently not planning to sell but will consider if any interested buyer wanna buy it whole.. yupz.. it's the same one.. can go to Motovationusa.com to check it's products.. it's sliders are actually one of the well-knowns in US..
  18. anyway, i do have a heat insulation sticker, bought it for my box also, but never had change to lower it.. i can give it to you if you want.. let me know, cuz i have to find it.. bro, my previous one also wun melt the box, because Yoshi pipes are cambered horizonally out.. look at Moriwaki one, it's angled up.. if really lowering the boxes, the underside of right box may kena..
  19. just got mine fixed.. look nice and i didnt realised that it's there when i first took over the bike.. i tot they forgot to fix.. will try post pic later..
  20. i think you can further lower it down.. and try to make it straighter.. it's very nice.. someday must meet up with you to admire your set up!! regarding the exhaust fumes issues, you can try sticking some heat insulation on your right box to prevent it from "melting/warping".. (not sure if the material will be melted by constant heat by your exhaust fumes)
  21. IMO, it gonna be this way if you want the pillion to sit comfortably..
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