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  1. S4 Tracksession Rider's List Status: Planning stage!! See below... 1. redbeacon - (rider) 2. PuteraBrothers- Any date I try to fix it (rider) 3. thach - any dates. depends on my work shift. (rider) 4. Pplater - (rider) 5. crusher - 50/50. unable till 29/01 due to work commitments. Feb onwards. (rider) 6. syxby - Mon or Tue of every week if not bz wit sch works. (rider) 7. chlim - interested only due to work commitments and raining season. (rider) 8. Diamond_Crust - Any Fridays will do, cos sat not working and can rest. (Spectator) 9. sabbaha - weekdays. Will try to suit the date
  2. try Trailtech meters.. but JB Ah Boy's shocks is your best bet to get your bike back in SG first.. i knew an uncle that also got his shocks stolen within his own house compound.. together with his front brake calipers.. rode back to SG with RXZ shocks and rear brakes only to Changi..!!
  3. Get a Moriwaki short Fullsystem..!! then customise your boxes in whatever way.. Legal 100%!!
  4. saw a Ducati monster with it's clutch housing dismantled and parked at ICA today.. it's one with 2 brake rotors.. just curious, how many CC was that..?
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