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  1. nnb...this kinda punks also got ah?? bro wat time, day u normally kena?? where's the exact spot of the church? is it near to the woodlands stadium??
  2. i know wat to do...i'll keep a trombone or trumpet inside my riding jacket...these small kids come beside me and blow...knn...i take out the instrument and blow into their farking helmets...see who win ah!!
  3. not too sure..he explained to me and showed me on a piece of scrap metal over at my workplace wat he meant.. hm..maybe the TS can tell us more..since he is a biker from those days? but i can't wait to start on this project
  4. Kudos to u fer the quote...UPZ fer u brader!! wanna join in the DIY? sure..y not...but it's very time consuming...so y not i learn from him as he and me work on my bike (gonna be a guinea pig in a sense )...then i help u work on urs?? wat bike u riding btw? but fer ur info..once the 'chroming' been done...every week..need autosol and newspaper to wipe the 'chromed' parts...if not..it'll become very dull and faded... the aband showed me pics of his old bikes...i tell u...they were all beauties la!! his LC was the best..he sprayed the tank and body himself..everything himself..c
  5. so wat's the word fer today?? LIVE AND LET LIVE!!! hehe..i guess u're abt late 30s now? coz that's the age of the abang from my workplace...he always gimme tips how to mod my bike wan... he and me got big project..wanna chrome my fork, foot rest..clutch cover and rims..juz like the old times haha..but still too bz fer anything la...so project on hold
  6. take care brader...dun get into any problem or traffic violations...like wat they say...each time a SAF driver enter a MID vehicle..one leg already in shithole... be very careful ya...UPZ fer u fer guarding JI and UPZ somemore for ur pink ic!!!! ORD OH!!! :thumb:
  7. wah..kena spotted?? how u know ah bro? erm..btw i dun blow ppl wan..i very friendly yeah..i'm stayin west and am a mixed fella...kena blow all the time by these irritants and yeah...biking groups in the 80s were more friendly..talked to an abang at my workplace..he told me that last time the REAL STREET RACERS kept no grudges after losing in a race wan...they'd juz arrange another meet up..diff place..abt the same time wan... but he also told me...when they race last time...most of the time..it's always fer the money..but sometimes it's fer money as well as the lady pill
  8. bro...let those small boys be la...i also kena blow a few times b4... these assholes love to challenge ppl to race them...these small boys all have the infectious 'rossi-stoner-hayden' syndrome..they think they are riding in a GP circuit and their skill damn chai wat... to be honest...i'd love to play with them..let them go a few lamp post ahead first...den drop gear, chase, overtake and backfire them to let them know where they stand.. but i dun wanna put my life at risk fer these ****ing numbnuts..i'm juz waiting fer these kinda assholes to meet with an accident up ahead after blowin
  9. too friendly?? erm..can u define that further pls? i'm starting to think of how 'friendly' they are... haha..juz kiddin...
  10. dun mind me asking bros and sis... i've always been lookin fer riding kakis...to befriend and perhaps join them fer touring and all... if u bikers dun mind...can i juz butt in and get to know u guys?? i have always wanted to go touring..farthest i've been is to jb ah boy..always wanted to really go far up north..but no kaki.. so pls..if u braders and sisters dun mind a noob joining in...i'd love to tag along the next expedition u guys have in mind...
  11. wa piang..how he pass his license...check left blindspot but filtered right..either his sense of direction really **** up..or he bought his license lor...
  12. bro..here's wat i plan to do to my s4 spec II : -change timing chain -do a valve clearance check -install kenzo/dyno and do dyno tune/run (if u guys do so?) -maxima 15w50 EO, iridium spark plugs, hyflo oil filter can u pm me with the details (individual cost and how long roughly it will take?) for the things mentioned above? i'd really appreciate it if u can do so so that i can plan my schedule out fer the things mentioned above to be done... thanks again ya...hope to hear from u soon...
  13. usual la bro...alonso-hamilton-massa wannabe trying to emulate their idols...when they can't handle their vehicles...panic and jam break lor.. anyway not common to see long skid marks and dents on the dividers these days...
  14. try using a jacket and gloves when riding? on top of the added protection..wun feel so cold too.. indeed more and more dangerous drivers & riders on the road..all pushing their luck too farking far if u ask me... so pls be very careful ya fellow riders..ride carefully always
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